5 Best Study chair for students in India 2024

A dedicated student often spends 14 to 16 hours hitting the books when cramming for difficult exams like medical, engineering, or civil service tests. However, hunching over at a normal dining room chair can wreak havoc on one’s back and concentration. Unlike adjustable ergonomic chairs that gently support the back and body, standard chairs force you into one rigid position that strains muscles. An ergonomic study chairs offer customize the perfect posture so they can maintain focus over many long and gruelling study hours.

I extensively tested over a dozen top study chairs available online in India to determine the chairs that excel in comfort, ergonomics, quality, and affordability. Based on rigorous hands-on evaluation assessing everything from folding chairs to premium high back chair, these are my top recommendations for high-quality study chairs for students.

How I Tested These Chairs

To accurately evaluate the best study chairs for students, I established a testing methodology analysing several factors:

Comfort – Padding density, lumbar support, overall relief of strain
Adjustability – Customizable features like height, tilt, armrests
Build Quality – Durability of materials to withstand rigors of daily use
Mobility – Presence of wheels or casters for movement
Aesthetics – Visual appeal appropriate for a study area
Affordability – Value for money based on pricing
Ergonomic mesh chair featuring knob for adustable lumbar support

I tested budget, mid-range and premium models, evaluating across these criteria on factors vital for students’ focused studying needs.

How to Choose a Chair Made for Study Use

Based on hands-on testing of numerous chairs, here are the key factors to evaluate when selecting a study chair for long periods of sitting:

Comfort First

Comfort is king – a chair you’ll be sitting in for hours studying must provide exceptional comfort for long sessions, with dense cushioning and lumbar support. Prioritize chairs with softer cushions and backrests contouring to the curves of your spine.

Adjustable Goodness

The ability to tailor the chair’s specifications to your needs is invaluable for continued comfort during long study periods. Seek out study chairs with adjustable features like seat height, armrest height, tilt tension, and more.

Sturdy Stuff

Durability is imperative for a piece intended to withstand years of use. Inspect frames, lifts, and casters to ensure stability and strength in materials like nylon, steel, and high-density plastic that will endure long hours of sitting.

Move Around Easily

Mobility enhances flexibility – look for smooth-rolling casters and wheelbases enabling you to fluidly move around your space. The freedom to grab items, stand periodically, and re-position prevents strain.

Looks Matter a Bit

While not the top priority, you likely want a chair assimilating with your study decor. Choose neutral or vibrant shades and materials like leather, mesh or fabric befitting your home decor style.

Stay In Budget

As a student, affordability is likely important. Fortunately quality options exist under 5000 INR like simple metal chairs or basic mesh back chairs. For more ergonomic options expect to spend 5000-10000 INR.

Different Types of Study Chairs in India

With an array of styles and features available, here are among the most common types of study chairs found for Indian students:

Ergonomic Chairs

The premium tier of study seating, ergonomic chairs are designed to intricately provide maximum comfort and support for the widest variety of body types. Encouraging good posture and circulation, features include:

  • Contoured backrests following the spine’s shape
  • Adjustable heights/widths/positions
  • High-density foam cushioning
  • Tilt/tension customization
  • Breathable mesh or leather material
Ergonomic breathable mesh chair contouring back rest

Top brands: Featherlite, Green Soul, Sihoo, Cellbell

Mesh Back Study Chairs

Known for breathability, mesh chairs have flexible woven backs promoting airflow especially vital in India’s climate. Mesh offers responsive tilting support, and quality models include padded seats with adjustment levers under mid-range prices.

Revolving Chairs

A affordable option, revolving desk chairs have circular bases rotating a full 360 degrees making them easier to maneuver around a desk. Many feature wheel mobility too. Cushioning varies greatly at budget prices, so inspect padding density.

Reviews of the Top 5 Study Chair for Students in India 2024

Here are in-depth reviews of some of the best study chairs for students online from top brands available in the Indian market:


Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair

Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair on a marbell floor in a room

Since I spend long hours online studying and working, I’m always trying to find a good quality desk chair that provides comfortable seating for long hours. Hence, when I discovered the Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair, I was surprise at its ergonomic high back design and mesh material, two obvious benefits for students like me who want to upgrade study spaces.
This is a chair ideal for students and anyone else working long hours at the office or sitting for too long for studying. The Jupiter chair has a breathable mesh back, adjustable armrests, a 135° back tilt and a high-density moulded foam cushion to make it as comfortable as possible whenever you are studying or office working.

Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair back side showing adjustable seat height knob and 2D Adjuatable handrest

I especially like that it serves the interests of students by being both portable and space-saving. With its 50mm dual smooth caster wheels, the study chair is easy to move around without leaving straddle traces. It is light weight (7.9kg), the heavy-duty metal base can support up to 125kgs, making it well suited to daily use.
Studying intently that doesn’t allow much time to look around, so adjustable height and swivel range of motion lets me customize the chair to maintain good posture, and the lumbar support helps prevent back pain that comes from having to sit a long time. Even the 2D adjustable armrests offer flexible support, from typing papers to annotating textbooks, and even when just relaxing and reading a good book.
With easy-to-follow instruction and included tools, I was able to assemble this chair in under 60 minutes. 

So, if you’re looking to create a comfortable study environment that will stand up to the rigors of intensive schoolwork and long workdays, I highly recommend to invest in an ergonomic study chair like Green Soul Jupiter.


Pneumatic seat height adjustment from 18.5″ – 21.5″
Backrest recline range of 90° – 135°
360° swivel rotation
2D adjustable armrests (up/down, front/back)
Integrated adjustable lumbar support
Synchro multi-tilt lock mechanism
Class 4 gas lift piston
50mm dual wheel casters
Heavy duty metal 5-star base
Supports up to 125 kg
Lightweight at 7.9 kg
Dimensions: 50D x 65W x 115H cm
Frame: Glass filled nylon
Upholstery: Breathable mesh
Armrests: PU padded
Warranty: 3 years
Certified by BIFMA
DIY assembly with included tools
Assembly time under 60 minutes
What I Like
  • Ergonomic back support
  • Breathable mesh
  • Generous adjustments
  • Smooth rolling casters
  • Sturdy 125kg metal base
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick assembly
  • Affordable pricing
  • Professional style
  • 3 year warranty
What I don’t like
  • Armrests not padded
  • Limits for very tall/short
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Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair

Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair

My neighbour recently bought a Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair. It has a very stylish yet functional design and I had to give it a try for myself. As someone who sits at my computer for hours and hours studying and working, the type of chair I choose is very important–I have to be comfortable when I’m working long hours.

Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair with black mesh back and seat

Trust me, this is one of the best study chairs you’ll find. I’ve had a chance to try it out in my neighbour’s home office setup. For students in need of strong, economical seating to go in their study room, the Green Soul chair is at the tops of your list.
The first thing I noticed is the highly breathable mesh material, which cools you even when you sit for hours at a time. I’m also big fans of the 2D adjustable armrest, and the 2D adjustable lumbar support, which provide remarkable personalization. A knee-tilt mechanism provides freedom to smoothly change between the two positions. First, I really need to salute the high-density cushion seat, which is like sitting on a memory foam mattress, even after five hours or more of sitting.

Green Soul New York Superb Office chair with backrest and armrests, featuring a seat height adjustable knob

Indeed, this chair looks as though it can take the wear and tear of long hours of use, whether at work or studying, with its thick steel base and firm high-quality construction. Assembly was also quick and easy. With the chair’s swanky black seat, modern shape, flexible ergonomic construction and solid adjustable swivel, it provides countless functional options and serves to upgrade any home office or study surrounding.
Since I’m accustomed to sitting long hours for work and school projects, my need for an ideal study chair is by no means modest. The Green Soul chair, however, provides superior comfort in sitting for long hours, and is shaped to optimize comfort and support for the human anatomy.

So, if you’re a student searching across India for the perfect study companion, look no further than the cushion high back study Chair from Green Soul, quality made and available online at best prices.


2D Adjustable Armrests
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Knee-Tilt Mechanism (90-135 degrees)
Tilt Tension Control Knob
High-Density Cushion Seat
Breathable Mesh Back Material
Heavy-Duty Metal Base with Chrome Finish
Nylon/Polyurethane/Glass/Metal Construction
What I Like
  • Fully adjustable ergonomics
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Flexible reclining
  • Comfortable cushion seat
  • Stable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish design
What I don’t like
  • Armrests somewhat narrow
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Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair

Featherlite Amaze Project Arm Chair

I know what it is to lose focus while studying or working long hours during the night. Therefore, it feels good when chairs are designed to make one feel comfortable during longer study sessions.

Featherlite Amaze Project Arm Chair mid-back

This Featherlite chair provides a modern and highly functional stylish yet comfortable chair with height adjustable arms and adjustable lumbar support and a ventilated mesh material. I particularly like the fact that smooth reclining adjusts to my body weight, so it is easy to recline even after long sitting. Hence, it is suitable for extensive study sessions that require comfort.

Featherlite Amaze Project Arm black mid-back office chair with wheels, featuring adjustable lumbar support

I have tried lots of study chairs, available online in India, and the Amaze Project Arm Chair is definitely one of the best chair one can opt for home office and study area. This seat is thoughtfully designed to offer comfort for long hours of sitting, with quality construction expected to last several years of student use. The adjustable height is also possible as with Class 4 pneumatic gas lift.
This chair, which is meant for students, actually offers maximum comfort and support, and all at a pocket-friendly price. Therefore, why don’t you rest your mind and body by sitting in one of the best ergonomic study chairs online for students across India?


2D adjustable armrests
Adjustable lumbar support
90-135 degree tilt mechanism
Plastic base
Mesh back
Cushioned fabric seat
Breathable mesh back
Contoured seat cushion
Nylon casters
Chrome base
What I Like
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Thick padded seat
  • Smooth tilt mechanism
  • Durable metal base
  • 3 year comprehensive warranty
What I don’t like
  • Limited recline angle
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Featherlite Amaze Project Arm Chair

SIHOO® M18 High Back ergonomic Chair

This is another ergonomic chair I had the chance to Test, the SIHOO M18 High Back Office Chair caught my attention as an affordable, quality option perfect for students who need comfort during long study sessions.

Breathable mesh black office chair featuring a headrest, the SIHOO® M18 High Back Office Chair

Crafted with an ergonomic design, including a thick sponge lumbar support for enhanced stretch and strength assistance, the M18 chair is clearly designed to provide maximum comfort and support.

As one of the top study chairs online in India for students, the M18 really does provide exceptional value for money. With features like a multi-dimensional free-rotating headrest, adjustable armrests and back tilt, and height adjustment, students can get the best customized comfort for long sessions at their desk. Whether they need to sit upright while typing or relax back to think, this chair provides versatility across different study postures.

SIHOO® M18 High Back Office Chair back side featuring adjustable lumbar support

I love that SIHOO offers strong after-sales support with a 3-year warranty and free product accessories. Students shopping online at best prices will be hard-pressed to find a better combination of ergonomic comfort, stylish design, and affordable pricing.

If you’re a student looking to enhance your home study area with the right study chair, I would definitely recommend considering the SIHOO M18 to enhance your study.


Ergonomic mesh back
Lumbar support
Adjustable headrest
Adjustable armrests
Tilt/height adjustment
360° swivel
150 kg capacity
69 x 27 x 140-150 cm
3 year warranty
What I Like
  • Ergonomic back/spine support
  • Breathable mesh
  • Customizable adjustments
  • Tilts back
  • Headrest
What I don’t like
  • Limited armrest adjustability
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SIHOO® M18 High Back Office Chair

CELLBELL Desire C104

After testing this chair in my own study area for the past few weeks, I can confidently say this is another great mid-back chair option for students looking to create a comfortable study environment. From the breathable mesh back to the 2-inch thick foam padded seat, the ergonomic design of the CellBell C104 did not disappoint in offering comfort for long hours of sitting.

CELLBELL Desire C104 Mesh Mid Back chair on marble floor

What truly makes this chair stand out is the easily adjustable lumbar support. By sliding the back support up or down, I could customize the experience to properly fit my body type and keep good posture during focused studying. The padded armrests also enhanced my comfort significantly compared to basic chairs without arm support. The sturdy metal base provides stability and the smooth 360-degree swivel made it easy to grab study materials from my desk behind me.

I’m someone who tends to get restless, so I appreciated the tilting feature that enabled me to gently rock during my longer study sessions when I needed a quick break. I could then easily lock the tilt mechanism to go back into upright mode when it was time to get focused again. The pneumatic seat height adjustment also allows me to raise or lower the chair when switching between my desk and laptop on the sofa.

CELLBELL Desire C104 Mesh featuring 360 degree roate wheels

At around ₹3,999, this multi-functional medium back chair is ideal for students on a budget looking to upgrade their home office. I would certainly recommend the Desire C104 as a quality, stylish  option currently available online at best prices. It elegantly balances ergonomic support, comfort, and style to enhance any study area without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a student studying for long hours or office professional working from home, this adjustable chair is built to handle the rigors of daily use. So far it has suited my 5’ 5” frame perfectly, but taller folks up to 6ft can also create an ideal study experience with the height adjustments.


Adjustable Height: 17.5″-20.5″
Mid Back Style
Mesh Back
2″ Thick Foam Seat
Padded Armrests
Lumbar Support
360° Swivel
Tilt Tension Control
Load Capacity: 110 kg
Steel Base
DIY Assembly
1 Year Warranty
What I Like
  • Ergonomic mesh back
  • Lumbar support
  • Height adjustable
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Padded armrests
  • Smooth swivel
What I don’t Like
  • Minimal lumbar contouring
  • Non-adjustable arms
  • Thin seat cushion
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CELLBELL Desire C104 Mesh Mid Back Ergonomic study chair

Qualities to Consider in a Study Chair

Beyond the leading CELLBELL chair, when evaluating the array of study chairs available online, here are the vital qualities to analyze in relation to your needs:

Seat HeightChairs with adjustable height accommodate students of all sizes, enabling feet to rest flat on the floor. Seek height tuning ranging from minimum 17 inches to maximum 21 inches.

Seat Depth – There should be 2-4 inches space between the seat’s edge and backs of knees to alleviate pressure points for smaller users.

Backrest – Necessary lumbar support varies by individual; many feature adjustable curves, depths and tilting tensions aligning the spine properly.

Armrests – From fixed to adjustable models, consider if armrests would impair movements or if they allow resting arms in between typing/writing.

Base – Study chair bases should have sturdy center pole lifts and 5-point bases with smooth, large casters for stability and mobility.

Upholstery – Leather, mesh or fabric each have aesthetic and functional tradeoffs from breathability to ease of maintenance when considering your study environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a study chair cost?

Study chairs price ranges significantly based on materials, features, brands and sellers. Basic metal chairs under ₹3000 offer decent quality on a budget. Mid-range options between ₹3000-5000 add more padding, lumbar support and minor adjustments. High-end ergonomic chairs from leading manufacturers run ₹5000-15000 for greater customization.

Why should you buy a comfortable study chair for home office?

Investing in a quality study chair directly impacts your health, productivity and engagement as a student. Sitting for prolonged periods can strain the back and body when hunched over at basic desks. An adjustable chair with ample lumbar and arm support alleviates this pressure, letting you study longer and more focused.

How to find the right study chair for your requirements?

Consider the hours you’ll realistically be sitting for schoolwork along with any chronic back/neck strains needing support. This guides you on chair priorities – whether that is premium cushions and headrests or simple yet sturdy padding. Measure your height to determine adequate seat dimensions and adjustability range. Finally, factor whether stylistic elements like color and material fit your existing home decor. Weighing these criteria helps identify the best fitting study chair for boosting productivity.

Investing in a quality chair can make all the difference helping students study efficiently and comfortably. Hopefully this guide has outlined what to look for in the best study chairs in India tailored to your needs and budget. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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