5 Best high speed 1400 mm ceiling fans in India 2024

You own a large, open-concept restaurant. A high ceiling and a large dining area make the restaurant comfortable and airy for customers. Due to its huge windows and sunlight, the restaurant gets warm in summer. To cool the room, you installed ceiling fans. The restaurant’s size requires a large ceiling fan. To cool the area, you need something bigger and stronger. After some study, you decided a 1400 mm ceiling fan would be ideal. This fan can circulate more air and cool a bigger room due to its larger sweep area. It’s powerful enough to reach all areas of your restaurant, keeping patrons cool even on the hottest days. After analysing Energy efficiency, design and blades quality we prepared a list of the Best High Speed 1400 mm ceiling fans in India

List of the 5 Top 1400 mm ceiling fans in India

Following are the best 1400 mm ceiling fans in India

The atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan is a powerful, efficient, and modern ceiling fan. This fan is packed with outstanding features and cutting-edge technology to give optimal performance while being energy-efficient, making it a perfect choice for eco-conscious people seeking comfort and savings.

The Atomberg Renesa+ saves energy. A 5-star fan with a super-efficient BLDC motor consumes 28 watts at speed 5, saving up to 65% compared to standard fans. This lowers electricity bills and helps the environment. It’s eco-friendly for home and workplace use.

A simple remote control enhances this ceiling fan’s convenience. The remote control lets you regulate the fan’s speed, boost mode, timer, and sleep mode from your chair or bed without fussing with separate regulators. The 20-foot range lets you control the fan from anywhere in the room.

With its LED lights, the Atomberg Renesa+ modernizes your home as well as functions. These lights provide style and light to your environment, making them great for dark locations. This ceiling fan’s quiet operation promotes relaxation in your house.

The fan’s corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminium blades ensure durability and easy maintenance. The elegant design makes cleaning the fan easy. Atomberg’s extended warranty option, which extends the regular two-year warranty to three years upon registration, adds piece of mind and protects your investment for longer.

In places with frequent voltage fluctuations or power interruptions, Renesa+ inverter stabilization technology helps. It maintains speed during voltage variations between 140V and 285V, providing comfort. The fan works three times longer on an inverter battery than traditional fans, making it trustworthy during power outages.

The Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan’s colour options are its sole drawback. It’s only available in metallic, which may not suit all interior design themes. The fan’s performance and features definitely surpass this little downside.

What We Like:

  • Energy-saving with a 5-star rating and efficient BLDC motor
  • Convenient remote control.
  • Modern LED lights, noiseless operation.
  • Extended warranty option.
  • Inverter stabilization.

What We Dislike:

  • Limited colour options (metallic finish only).

The Havells Nicola 1400mm High Performance at Low Voltage (HPLV) Ceiling Fan blends modern style with high performance. This high-speed, energy-efficient ceiling fan has several amazing features to offer comfort and sophistication in your living room.

The fan’s elegant design complements any decor. Its ornate accents on the motor cover and blades turn it into a room centrepiece. This fan comes in amazing colour combinations, so you can choose one that matches your home’s design motif.

The fan’s metallic paint finish makes it a stylish centrepiece in any area. The Havells Nicola is stylish and efficient. Its aerodynamic blades and powerful motor efficiently circulate air throughout the room, keeping you cool even on the hottest days.

This ceiling fan provides efficient air circulation and cooling for medium to large spaces with a sweep size of 1400mm. Its energy-efficient features and maximum comfort make it an environmentally friendly choice.

Havells, a well-known manufacturer, guarantees the Nicola ceiling fan for two years. This warranty guarantees your purchase’s longevity and reliability.

What We Like:

  • Contemporary elegant design with decorative trims.
  • Stunning colour combinations.
  • High-quality metallic paint finish.
  • Superior air delivery and powerful motor.
  • Suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • 2-year warranty.

What We Dislike:

  • No remote control feature.
  • Limited spare parts availability.
  • Slight humming noise at higher speeds.

Modern consumers want strong and energy-efficient cooling solutions like the Atomberg Efficio 1400mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan. This fan promises a great cooling experience while being eco-friendly and affordable.

The Efficio saves energy. This 1400 mm ceiling fan uses 28 watts at speed 5 with its ultra-efficient BLDC motor. It saves 65% on energy, making it a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.

The Efficio prioritizes convenience. A user-friendly remote control lets you operate the fan without an external regulator. The remote controls the fan’s speed, boost mode, timer, and sleep mode. You can easily control the fan from your couch or bed with a 20ft range.

LED lights make modernizing your interior design easier. These lights illuminate your room and enhance the fan’s aesthetic. The Efficio’s quiet functioning lets you enjoy the pleasant wind without disturbances.

Efficio’s extended warranty guarantees durability and peace of mind. Registration on Atomberg’s website extends the two-year guarantee to three years. This feature shows the brand’s trust in their goods and protects your investment for a long time.

Voltage-prone areas benefit from inverter stabilization. The Efficio maintains speed through voltage changes from 140V to 285V, giving comfort during power interruptions. The Efficio can run three times longer on an inverter battery than other fans, keeping you cool in power outages.

The elegant design and powder-coated aluminium blades make maintaining the fan easy. The corrosion-resistant blades make cleaning easy and ensure the fan’s lifetime.

Efficio performs well. This high-speed ceiling fan circulates air efficiently at 280 RPM and 272 cubic meters per minute, producing a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere in any area.

The Atomberg Efficio only comes in White, Ivory, and Matt Brown, which is its main disadvantage. These traditional hues will fit most interior types, however, some shoppers may want more options to match their preferences.

What We Like:

  1. Energy-saving BLDC motor (28 watts, up to 65% power savings).
  2. Convenient remote control (20ft range).
  3. LED lights and noiseless operation.
  4. Extended warranty (up to 3 years).
  5. Inverter stabilization technology for voltage fluctuations.
  6. Easy cleaning with corrosion-resistant blades.
  7. Impressive airflow capacity (272 cubic meters per minute, 280 RPM).

What We Dislike:

  1. Limited colour options (White, Ivory, Matt Brown).

The Crompton Aura 1400 mm High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan may be the appropriate ceiling fan for you if you want a high-performing, elegant fan. This fan balances style and utility with its attractive appearance and excellent air circulation.

Technical specifications make the Crompton Aura stand out. This fan covers 1400 mm, cooling every area of your room. The robust 74-watt motor rotates at 380 RPM, delivering enough airflow and keeping your living space cool on hot days. The fan’s 230 CMM air supply capacity boosts its performance, making it a trustworthy comfort companion.

The Crompton Aura is also durable. Its 100% copper motor and double ball bearings assure durability and low maintenance. This fan’s dynamically balanced blades and anti-rust aluminum body ensure its long-term durability.

Crompton Aura is stable and quiet. The fan’s strong two-piece structure reduces vibrations and noise. This fan gives a nice breeze and peace.

Crompton’s complete package shows their quality. The ceiling fan, motor, three blades, two canopies, down rod, shackle assembly, product handbook, and warranty card are included. Speaking of which, Crompton’s two-year warranty protects your investment and reassures you of the product’s reliability.

However, there are some negatives to consider. Crompton does not install Aura fans, unlike some competitors. This may require third-party installation, which may be inconvenient if you want expert installation.

While the classic button control technique is straightforward to use, some users may prefer a remote control like many modern fans. Consider alternatives if remote control is important.

The Crompton Aura uses 74 watts, making it less energy-efficient than other versions. If energy savings are important, consider power-efficient solutions.

What We Like:

  • Attractive decorative design
  • Impressive technical specifications
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Comprehensive package with warranty

What We Dislike:

  • No installation provided
  • Button control, no remote
  • Higher power consumption (74 watts)

The Orient Electric Aluminium Wendy Metallic Deco Fan may be the appropriate ceiling fan for you if you’re looking for one that efficiently cools your living spaces and adds sophistication to your decor. This 1400 mm ceiling fan is stylish, efficient, and high-speed.

The Wendy Metallic Deco Fan’s stunning black and gold color combination makes it stand out. Elegant trimmings enhance your living room, kitchen, home office, or dining room. This fan adds style to your home.

The Wendy Metallic Deco Fan performs well. This fan provides high-velocity airflow for household comfort with wide blades. This fan will cool you on hot summer days.

The Wendy Metallic Deco Fan’s durability makes it a good ceiling fan choice. The fan’s complete copper motor and ribbed aluminum blades provide durability and performance. The fan’s lacquer-coated metallic finish adds elegance and durability, keeping it looking good for years.

Wendy Metallic Deco Fan’s high-velocity performance speeds air circulation and cools. This innovation helps circulate cool air more efficiently, making air-conditioned homes more comfortable and refreshing.

What We:

  • Stylish design with black and gold colours
  • High-velocity air delivery
  • Durable full copper motor and ribbed aluminium blades
  • Elegant metallic finish with lacquer coating
  • Fast air circulation for quicker cooling
  • Energy-efficient operation


  • Only compatible with downrod mounting

Things to Consider while going to Buy a 1400 mm Ceiling Fan

01. Room size and fan size

Matching your ceiling fan’s size to the room is like finding the right dance partner. For medium-sized spaces, a 1400 mm fan balances airflow and aesthetics. Measure your room and arrange the fan for optimal airflow.

02. Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient fans are a good choice in an eco-conscious society. These fans save energy without sacrificing performance. BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motors or energy-saving certificates indicate energy-efficient fans.

03. Noise level

A peaceful hum can be disturbed by a loud, obtrusive buzz. For bedrooms and restaurants, choose quiet ceiling fans. Fans with aerodynamic blades or high-quality motors make less noise, assuring quiet surroundings.

04. Design and aesthetics

Ceiling fans can be decorative as well as functional. Find fans that match your interior décor, whether it’s modern or baroque. For harmony, consider colour, finish, and blade design.

05. Price and warranty

Your budget determines the best ceiling fan. You need a good fan, but don’t go overboard. Compare costs and brand warranties to get the best deal.

06. Additional features (remote control, smart connectivity, etc.)

Remote-controlled and smart-connected ceiling fans are more customizable and convenient. Adjust fan speed, turn it on or off, and combine it with other smart home devices for seamless control. These extras can improve your home’s comfort and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many watts is a 1400mm ceiling fan?

A standard electric induction motor in this size of fan will typically use between 50-80 watts. More advanced brushless DC (BLDC) motors provide greater energy efficiency and airflow using less power – usually 35-45 watts for a 1400mm ceiling fan. BLDC motors run cooler, last longer, are quieter at low speeds, and offer optimized speed control compared to standard induction motors. The advanced BLDC motors use 30-50% less power versus standard induction motors.

How much power does a 1400 mm ceiling fan use?

Efficiency and speed determine a 1400 mm ceiling fan’s power consumption. A high-speed 1400 mm ceiling fan with average efficiency uses 28–80 watts. BLDC fan’s watts start from 28-35 Watts, whereas normal fans start from 60-80 Watts.

Here is a table of the estimated power usage of a normal 1400 mm ceiling fan at different speed settings:

Speed settingPower usage (watts)

How many CFM is good for a ceiling fan?

The room’s size and airflow determine a ceiling fan’s CFM. You need a fan with 12 to 25 CFM per square foot. Thus, a 100-square-foot room requires a 1,200-2,500 CFM fan.

Here is a table of recommended CFM ratings for different room sizes:

Room SizeRecommended CFM Rating
Under 144 square feet1,000 to 3,000
144 to 225 square feet1,600 to 4,500
225 to 400 square feet2,300 to 6,500
400 to 600 square feet3,000 to 8,500
600 to 800 square feet3,700 to 10,500


As we conclude this detailed guide, we hope you have received helpful insights on 1400 mm ceiling fans in India. We considered the Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm Ceiling Fan, Havells Nicola, Atomberg Efficio, Crompton Aura, and Orient Electric Aluminium Wendy Metallic Deco Fan. These fans have varied features for different needs.

We propose the Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm Ceiling Fan after extensive consideration. Its 1400mm BLDC motor, 5-star energy rating, remote control, and 65% energy savings offer excellent performance and efficiency. The cherry on top is its integrated LED lights and 55 dB noise level, creating a peaceful and well-lit setting.

Knowledge is power when choosing a ceiling fan. This guide will help you consider room size, energy efficiency, noise level, design, and budget. So, bring home the Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm Ceiling Fan or any model you like to improve your house’s comfort and style while lowering your energy expenditures.


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