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Rigorous testing for unmatched quality. Unbiased reviews to empower consumers.

Market Research

Deep dive into trends. Analyze competitor strengths. Understand consumer needs.

Identifying key features

Pinpoint what matters most. Prioritize performance and innovation. Set the bar high.

Selecting products​

Curate top contenders. Focus on quality and potential. Choose wisely.

Analyzing reviews​

Gather user feedback. Uncover pros and cons. Learn from real experiences.

Manual testing​

Hands-on evaluation. Rigorous assessment of function and usability. Leave no stone unturned.


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Debolina Roy

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Debolina Roy

Debolina Roy is BrandScroll’s senior home improvement writer, specializing in the latest home and kitchen appliances. With a B.Tech in Electronic and Telecommunication from Dibrugarh University and an MA in Journalism, she brings technical expertise and insightful analysis to her product testing and guides.
Debolina’s extensive experience testing and analyzing appliances, from Water Purifier to Washing Machine to Air Conditioner, ensures readers receive reliable guide. Her background as a freelance journalist covering electronic and kitchen gadgets adds a unique perspective to her coverage of the latest home technology trends. Debolina is committed to sharing her knowledge and passion for home improvement with BrandScroll’s audience.
B.Tech in Electronic and Telecommunication & an MA in Journalism
10 Years
Kitchen appliances
Specializes in refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, etc.
Smart home devices
Expert in reviewing smart speakers, security cameras, robot vacuums, etc.
Home improvement
Knowledgeable about tools, materials, and methods for renovations and upgrades.
Background in engineering provides in-depth understanding of appliance and gadget technology.
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