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The AO Smith Z1 water purifier has a larger 10 litre storage capacity compared to the 5 litre capacity of the AO Smith X2 model. The increased capacity makes ...


The cost of maintaining an RO water purifier can be between ₹2,000 and ₹6,000 each year. This price includes the need for new parts and the costs of the ...


Did you know that most RO water purifiers waste 3 liters of water for every liter purified? In a country where water scarcity is a growing concern, this is ...


As pollution increases, everything becomes unfit for human consumption. Everything is polluted—the air, the land and the water. Tap water now has multiple ...


A bone-chilling 68% of households in India now own an air conditioner, up from just 3% in 1995. This meteoric rise underscores Indians' desperate need for ...


When scoping out a new air conditioner for your home, energy efficiency and noise levels likely top your list of priorities. Surprisingly, the maximum decibel ...


When scorching summer heat makes home feel like a furnace, we rely on ACs for respite. But not all air conditioners are equal in beating the heat. Comparing ...


Did you know Panasonic's 1.5 Ton AC boasts a sound level 1 dB quieter than Daikin's model? This single decibel reduction translates to a dramatic improvement ...


Reverse osmosis, or RO, is a popular water purification method using semi-permeable membranes to remove contaminants. Often combined with ultraviolet light ...


With over 70% of India's population relying on contaminated drinking water, choosing the right purifier matched to your water's TDS level is very important. ...

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  1. This data is also mentioned on their official website.

  2. Both are good option in low voltage areas.

  3. Thank you for this info, I will test again the energy efficieny for 30 days and update you the stats.

  4. I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences you’ve experienced. You can contact them
    Email – ks-faberkart. in @ franke .com
    For Installation Queries – @
    TOLL FREE NUMBER – 1800-209-3484

  5. Okay, I will update

  6. Thank You for this, I will update

  7. You can opt for the Native by UC M1 RO Water Purifier, which requires no service for 2 years.

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