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At BrandScroll.in, our core values revolve around Home and Kitchen essentials, stylish decorating, captivating gardens, and gaming essentials. We prioritize honesty and transparency with our audience to foster a strong community. Our mission is to provide reliable product recommendations by independently testing and evaluating numerous products annually. Upholding editorial independence, we strive to be the most trusted recommendation service, only publishing well-researched and verified top choices.

Meet the Founder

Hi there! I am Debolina Roy, BrandScroll.in founder cum editor-in-chief. I started this website in the year 2023, to offer my opinions, and to aid others in making the right choices as far as goods and services are concerned.

A bit about me:

Debolina Roy

Debolina Roy


I am a senior home improvement writer who specializes on review of the newest home and kitchen appliances. I have written about hundreds of products such as washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, air purifier to the best buys that are reliable and of a better value for money. I am also a tech lover and have done B.Tech in Electronic and Telecommunications from Dibrugarh University. I, also, discover the laundering and clean tricks, with a concentration on simple, natural solutions. I have an MA in Journalism and was a freelance smartphone and gaming console’s journalist, working for TechRadar and more.

I created this site to be the resource I wish I had when researching products and making purchases. After dealing with hyped-up claims and biased reviews, I knew there was a need for honest, well-informed recommendations.

My goal is to give you unbiased facts and my transparent opinion so you can feel confident you’re choosing the right product. Please explore the site and contact me if you have any questions!

Our Values: Honesty, Objectivity, and Transparency

Our organization views our position as an honest, impartial resource that you can depend on with great care and gravity. Our team abides by a strict editorial code focused on:

  • Truthfulness and impartiality: We constantly provide our candid perspectives, positive or negative, even if it requires refusing advertising funds. We do not exhibit preference toward particular companies.
  • Openness: We make public our income sources, product procurement, testing procedures, and any potential conflicts of interest. If we obtained a product free of charge, we state that up front in our evaluations.
  • Responsibility and rectifications: We take ownership of errors and swiftly make corrections when needed. If you ever think we’ve excluded or misconstrued information, please contact us to notify us.

We aim to supply thorough, unbiased information and welcome feedback to continue improving our reliability. Please reach out if you believe we have provided inadequate or inaccurate details so that we can address any issues.

Our Team

Dr. Aparna Das

Dr Aparna Das


6+ years of Research experience in Nutrient Dynamic study of the freshwater systems of the Brahmaputra River Basin. Hydro-geochemistry of the groundwater pollutants with special reference to Arsenic and Fluoride. Water Quality Assessment and Health Hazard Index Estimation of Groundwater & Surface water Contaminants, Nutrient profiling and mineralogical study in alluvial flood plains. Engaged for last 4 years in environmental monitoring, management and implementation works in various sectors such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishery, Veterinary and Civil works. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on water purification techniques and the latest advancements in the field. Aparna reviews water purifiers, providing valuable insights for consumers seeking reliable and efficient solutions.

Bishwajit Das

Bishwajit Das


Bishwajit Das is an accomplished photographer with over 5 years of experience in mobile and DSLR mirrorless photography. As a prominent educator in the field, he conducts workshops, creates educational videos, and contributes articles to Photography Life. Connect with him on Instagram and YouTube.

Ritopa Das

Ritopa Das


Ritopa Das is a technical writer-turned journalist with experience in tech and gaming. She completed her B.Tech from Dibrugarh University in Computer Science and Technology and is now pursuing an MBA from NIT Silchar. She’s intrigued by niche technologies like AI and blockchain, and enjoys gaming and game development.

We’re a small but mighty team with experience testing products, researching purchases, writing reviews, and creating informative web content. Each of us is committed to honest, ethical publishing practices.

Editorial Guidelines

We adhere to strict editorial practices designed to provide accurate, thorough, and transparent recommendations:

  • We personally use and evaluate the majority of products reviewed based on objective testing criteria appropriate for each item. Detailed testing procedures are outlined in each review.
  • For products we have not personally tested, we read reviews from users and experts and evaluate the product based on its features, value, and reputation. We are clear when sharing opinions not based on first-hand experience.
  • Affiliate links are used judiciously for relevant products, but we prioritize giving unbiased opinions over making commissions. We only link to products we fully recommend.
  • We cite mainstream media outlets, expert sources, studies, and official brand/company information as needed to support our claims. All facts are verified.
  • Sponsored posts are clearly designated as such. Advertisers have no influence over our opinions. We turn down offers to promote products we can’t authentically recommend.

The Bottom Line

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and get your money’s worth. We recommend products we believe in after thorough research and evaluation. If a product doesn’t live up to our standards, we’re honest about that too. You can count on us to give you the whole story.

We value your feedback. If you ever feel we’ve missed key information or have other suggestions, please get in touch!

When we suggest a product to readers, we first investigate it thoroughly to comprehend its strengths and weaknesses. Below I’ll outline the main steps we take to assess products before endorsing them.

Product Screening

We search for goods in classes that are useful and interesting to our readers. We spotlight popular picks but also lesser-known gems deserving more attention. Key standards include:

  • Affordable pricing relative to quality and capabilities
  • Sturdy, durable construction built to handle regular use
  • User-friendly with straightforward setup and operation
  • Unique capabilities compared to competing options

Once promising contenders are identified, we proceed to firsthand testing.

Hands-on Evaluation

When feasible, we use products ourselves in real-world conditions to judge performance. Our testing protocol includes:

  • Unpacking and configuring the product per included instructions
  • Utilizing it for intended purposes over a trial period
  • Assessing convenience, functionality, ergonomics and durability
  • Detecting any flaws or quality issues
  • Comparing to similar items we’ve evaluated

For subjective aspects like comfort, we solicit feedback from a diverse panel of external testers.

Background Research

We supplement direct testing with extensive secondary research for full perspective. Our background work covers:

  • Reviewing feedback from recognized experts and average buyers across retail sites, forums, blogs, etc. We look for consensus and patterns.
  • Consulting professional evaluations and buying guides from reputable media sources
  • Comparing key specs and capabilities versus competitors
  • Evaluating brand reputation, transparency and customer service

By combining firsthand experience and secondary data, we reach informed conclusions on each product’s merits.

Evaluating Recommendations

We carefully weigh numerous factors when deciding recommendations. Considerations include:

  • Overall quality relative to pricing
  • Useful capabilities improving functionality or convenience
  • Reliable performance for regular use cases
  • Satisfactory durability from materials and construction
  • Any innovative features compared to rivals
  • Manufacturer reputation and responsiveness
  • Compliance with safety standards and regulations
  • Available peer reviews and expert opinions

Essentially, we examine everything the typical consumer would want to know pre-purchase. Our aim is to furnish ample details to make an informed decision.

Updating Reviews

To keep information current, we reassess products and refresh our reviews when new versions or competitors emerge. We clearly date all reviews so readers can gauge recency. We call out significant changes between versions.

Conflict of Interest Disclosures

To maintain objectivity, we reveal any potential conflicts of interest. For instance, if we obtained a product sample gratis, we disclose that transparently. We may also share relevant brand affiliations. Even with free products, we only suggest what we genuinely feel is worthwhile based on impartial analysis.

Our business depends on readers trusting our integrity and objectivity. We take every measure to avoid bias through transparency, hands-on testing, and allowing no external sway over our conclusions.

Contact Us

We welcome reader feedback and questions! Please reach out about our reviews – we value your input as we constantly aim to improve.

Our mission is to be the most trusted source for product recommendations. We adhere to strict honesty and objectivity standards so you can confidently utilize our advice in purchasing decisions. Please explore our site and contact us with any questions!

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