8 Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Work from Home in India 2023

Your home office is your new workspace, and you’re spending a significant amount of time there. But your office chair is a regular dining chair, which isn’t designed for long hours of sitting and doesn’t support your back and posture. After a few hours of work, your back and neck hurt. Discomfort hinders productivity. You realise that improper seating may cause long-term health issues. An ergonomic office chair is an ideal solution. These chairs support your back, neck, and shoulders and improve posture. They’re adjustable to fit your height and body shape, making workdays comfortable. Also, a good office chair can boost productivity, and focus and Comfort helps you concentrate. It also makes your home office feel more professional, boosting motivation and discipline. After analysing material, adjustability and sturdiness, we prepared a list of the best Ergonomic Office Chair for Work from Home in India.

List of the best Ergonomic Office Chair for Work from home in India

The Best Office Chair for Work from home at a glance.

Most comfortable
Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair, High Back Mesh Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair

Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair, High Back Mesh Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair

High backrest, Superior mesh backrest, Adjustable seat height, 135° tilt, Multi-tilt lock mechanism, 360° rotating capability, 2D adjustable armrests, High-density foam cushion, Durable frame, Heavy-duty metal base, BIFMA certified.
Wakefit Ergonomic Chair for Office Work at Home

Wakefit Ergonomic Chair for Office Work at Home

Adjustable armrest, Imported mesh fabric, High-density foam seat, Single-lock synchro tilt mechanism, High back design, Class 4 gas lift, 360° swivel, Ergonomic backrest, Heavy-duty nylon chair base, 3-year warranty.
Value for money
The Sleep Company SmartGRID Stylux Ergo High-Back Home & Office Chair

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Stylux Ergo High-Back Home & Office Chair

SmartGRID Technology, SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support, Super lounge dual tilt mechanism, Dual lever mechanism, Heavy-duty base structure, 360° swivel movement, 3-year warranty.
Spine Support
Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair, High Back Mesh Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair

Green Soul New York Superb High Back Mesh Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair

Breathable mesh backrest, Adjustable seat height, Soft cushion with airflow, Tilt mode, Tilt torsion control, Sturdy construction, 360° swivel, 2D adjustable armrests, Class 4 gas-lift mechanism, Suitable for users up to 110 kgs, BIFMA certified.
Kepler Brooks Office Ergonomic Chair

Kepler Brooks Office Ergonomic Chair

Adjustable height, Wooden structure, High-quality leatherette upholstery, High-density foam cushions, Padded armrests, Stable base, Reclining multi-lock syncho mechanism, Fold-away footrest, 3-year warranty.
DROGO Premium Ergonomic Office Chair for Work from Home

DROGO Premium Ergonomic Office Chair for Work from Home

Lumbar support, Breathable mesh backrest, Memory foam seat cushion, Adjustable height and recline, Flip-up armrests, High-back design, 360-degree swivel, 5 cm adjustable lumbar support.
Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Ergonomic Home Office Executive Chair

Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Ergonomic Home Office Executive Chair

Premium construction, Curved comfort with segmented padding, Breathable bonded leather, Integrated lumbar cushion, Headrest and padded arms, Heavy-duty tilt mechanism, Adjustable height, Stylish diamond pattern stitching.
beAAtho Grace Ergonomic Mesh Mid Back Revolving Office Chair with Heavy Duty Nylon Base

beAAtho Grace Ergonomic Mesh Mid Back Revolving Office Chair with Heavy Duty Nylon Base

Mesh back for breathability, Thick high-density moulded foam seat, BIFMA-certified components, Compact design, Height-adjustable with tilt control, Sturdy metal wheel base, 360-degree swivel, Customizable tilt control, 3-year warranty.

The Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chair is the perfect ergonomic work-from-home chair. This chair provides ideal support for long hours with its high back, superior mesh backrest, and adjustable features.

The Jupiter Superb Office Chair is ergonomic and comfortable. During long sitting sessions, the high backrest supports your spine and promotes good posture. Breathability from superior mesh material keeps you cool even during heavy work sessions.

Adjustable features let you customise this chair. Pneumatic seat height adjustment lets you find the optimum seat. Recline and relax with the backrest’s 135° tilt. The sophisticated multi-tilt lock mechanism lets you secure the chair at any angle between 90° and 135° for stability and support.

The 360° rotating capability makes it easy to move about your workstation. The cushion and movable swivel caster wheels make moving over different surfaces easy and flexible.

Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chairs with 2D adjustable armrests. You can adjust them up, down, backward, and forward to your liking. This feature supports your arms and shoulders, decreasing fatigue during long workdays.

Jupiter Superb Office Chairs offer unmatched comfort. The high-density moulded foam cushion is soft, and the breathable mesh material keeps you cool and comfy all day. This chair lets you work comfortably.

Green Soul® Jupiter Superb Office Chairs are built to last. Glass-filled nylon with breathable mesh makes its frame durable and breathable. The heavy-duty metal foundation supports 125 kgs. The chair’s 50mm dual caster wheels glide across surfaces.


  1. Ergonomic design with premium mesh backrest for support and style.
  2. Adjustable features for personalized comfort.
  3. 2D adjustable armrests for proper support.
  4. High-density foam cushion and breathable mesh for comfort.
  5. Sturdy construction with heavy-duty metal base.
  6. Certified by BIFMA for quality and safety.
  7. Height suitability limited to 5ft to 5ft.10″.


  1. The armrest is neither soft nor smooth.

The Wakefit Office Chair enhances any home office or study. This chair’s smart design and adjustable features make it ideal for lengthy workdays. This ergonomic office chair is ideal for work-from-home workers.

This chair’s adjustable PU-padded armrest is a highlight. This function lets users of varied heights find their ideal ergonomic position so they may work comfortably without stressing their arms or shoulders. The adjustable armrest supports keyboarding and brainstorming.

The chair’s imported mesh fabric adds elegance and promotes air circulation, minimising uncomfortable perspiration after long sitting. High-density injection moulded foam seats are comfortable and durable. Its durability and softness make it comfortable to sit on all day.

A single-lock synchro tilt mechanism lets you recline and find the optimum angle for work or relaxation in the Wakefit Office Chair. The high back design supports your entire back, improving posture and reducing spine pain. This supports a healthy, comfortable sitting position when working long hours at a desk.

Class 4 gas lifts make chair height adjustment easy. You can easily match your workstation or table height for better ergonomics. The 360o swivel allows you to reach different parts of your workplace without getting up.

The chair has an ergonomic backrest and adjustable lumbar support. This supports your lower back and reduces soreness. The Wakefit Office Chair promotes good posture as you work or attend virtual meetings.

This chair lasts. Its heavy-duty nylon chair base and 50 mm nylon casters provide stability and smooth movement on varied surfaces. This chair can handle daily use for years. The chair’s 3-year warranty against manufacture faults ensures worry-free purchasing.


  1. Adjustable armrest with PU pad for ergonomic posture.
  2. Imported mesh fabric for air circulation.
  3. High-density foam seat for durability and comfort.
  4. Single-lock synchro tilt mechanism for personalized reclining.
  5. High back design for excellent back support.
  6. Class 4 gas lift for easy height adjustment.
  7. 360º swivel for manoeuvrability.
  8. Ergonomic backrest with adjustable lumbar support.
  9. Heavy-duty nylon chair base for stability.
  10. 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  1. Little stiff back.

The SmartGRID Stylux Ergo High-Back Home & Office Chair from The Sleep Company is extraordinary. This ergonomic office chair for home use is stylish, supportive, and adjustable.

SmartGRID Technology, patented by this chair, revolutionises sitting. This unique technology provides pressure-free buttock support and tailbone cradling for all-day relaxation. It evenly distributes weight to improve sitting posture and spinal alignment. Work without discomfort or improper posture!

The SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support on the SmartGRID Stylux Ergo Chair improves ergonomics. This function relieves back pain by supporting your spine’s natural curve. The curved cushion improves circulation and lowers lower back stress, letting you work comfortably.

This chair excels in adaptability. The super lounge dual tilt mechanism lets you recline at 135° for maximum relaxation after long workdays. The dual lever mechanism makes seat height and backrest angle adjustments easy. You can sit up straight or slouch back to suit any occasion. Adjustability guarantees the chair fits your body and preferences.

The SmartGRID Stylux Ergo Chair is sturdy and trustworthy. BIFMA-certified, heavy-duty chrome-finished dual caster and nylon wheelbase. Wheels turn 360° for easy travel on any surface. The chair’s anti-scratch wheels safeguard your floors.

The SmartGRID Stylux Ergo Chair has 49D x 62W x 124H centimetres of room and support for users of various sizes. Work-from-home workers can use it.

The Stylux Ergo Chair’s 3-year hassle-free warranty proves The Sleep Company’s product quality. This warranty lets you enjoy this chair without worrying about faults or troubles.


  1. Patented SmartGRID Technology.
  2. SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support alleviates back pain.
  3. Super lounge dual tilt mechanism.
  4. Dual lever mechanism.
  5. Heavy-duty base structure with BIFMA-certified wheels.
  6. 360° swivel movement with anti-scratch properties.
  7. Comes with a 3-year warranty.


  1. Can’t remove the head cushion.

Anyone looking for an ergonomic, adjustable work-from-home chair may choose the Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair. This high-back mesh ergonomic home office desk chair supports extended workdays for productivity and relaxation.

This chair’s ergonomic design encourages good posture and comfort. The breathable mesh backrest keeps you cool and supported throughout long sitting sessions. The chair’s built-in lumbar support improves posture.

The Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair is adjustable, which is important when choosing a chair. You may easily modify seat height by pushing up or down on the lever under the seat. This feature helps people of different heights find the most comfortable and strain-free seating position.

Its seat is soft and comfortable. The high-density cushion offers luxurious seating, while the breathable mesh material prevents heat buildup and keeps you cool all day. Long-term sitters benefit from this comfort and breathability.

Tilt mode distinguishes this chair. Lean back and relax during breaks and contemplation by tilting the chair between 90 and 135 degrees with the conveniently positioned lever. You may customise the rocking action with the tilt torsion control knob under the seat. This element enhances the chair’s versatility.

The Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair is sturdy. Glass-filled nylon makes the frame strong and long-lasting. The chair swivels 360 degrees for convenient movement and accessibility. The sturdy metal base supports up to 110 kg, making it suited for a wide spectrum of users.

Nylon wheels on the chair make it easy to move. 2D adjustable PU padded armrests allow for numerous arm postures and optimal upper body support. The chair’s Class 4 gas-lift mechanism ensures smooth height adjustment and reliability.

Green Soul New York Superb Office Chair assembly is simple. BIFMA-certified parts ensure quality and assembly of the chair. Heavy-duty metal five-star base provides stability and can handle up to 125 kgs, assuring long-term durability and safety.


  1. Ergonomic design with breathable mesh and lumbar support
  2. Adjustable seat height.
  3. Soft and comfortable seat cushion with airflow
  4. Tilt mode and tilt torsion control.
  5. Sturdy construction with heavy-duty metal base
  6. 360-degree swivel and easy mobility with nylon wheels
  7. 2D adjustable PU padded armrests
  8. Class 4 gas-lift mechanism.
  9. Suitable for users up to 110 kgs and height range of 5ft.2″ – 6ft”


  1. The cushion does not lock.

The Kepler Brooks Office Ergonomic Chair – Italia Premium is a great chair for home workers and office workers. This executive chair is comfortable and adaptable.

The chair is 103-111 cm tall, 53-55 cm wide, and 50 cm deep. These measures enable a comfortable fit for all sizes, improving posture and decreasing bodily strain.

This chair has a wooden interior structure. The chair’s robust foundation ensures long-term use. High-quality leatherette makes the upholstery cover elegant and easy to clean.

High-density foam cushions and supports the seat. The double-layer cushion fits snugly and targets the head, back, lumbar region, legs, and arms. This full support system reduces discomfort and tiredness while sitting for lengthy durations.

The Kepler Brooks chair’s padded armrests improve comfort and reduce arm strain. Typists and office workers benefit from this functionality.

The chair’s base is particularly stable. Its Class 4 Piston and five sturdy casters provide 360-degree swivel and smooth mobility on various surfaces. The built-in height adjustment and adjustable leg rest allow users to customise the chair to their preferences.

A multi-lock syncho mechanism lets users secure the Kepler Brooks Italia chair at any angle between 90 and 135 degrees. This feature lets you select the best reclining position for comfort and productivity.

The chair has a fold-away footrest as well. This function makes the chair appropriate for gaming or relaxing.

Kepler Brooks Office Ergonomic Chair – Italia Premium has a generous 3-year warranty against manufacturer problems. Customers are reassured by the manufacturer’s trust in the chair’s quality.


  1. Comfortable and supportive
  2. Adjustable height and leg rest
  3. Sturdy and durable construction
  4. Sleek and stylish design
  5. Padded armrests and hide-away footrest


  1. Not sufficient back height.

Homeworkers will love the DROGO Premium Ergonomic Office Chair. This chair is ideal for pleasant, productive work due to its customizable features, executive style, and lumbar support.

This chair has a distinctive lumbar support. The DROGO office chair’s waist support mimics hand-lifting support, alleviating waist strain from protracted sitting. This chair relieves back discomfort and improves lumbar health.

The DROGO office chair’s mesh backrest keeps you cool all day. The mesh fabric’s high tensile strength ensures durability, while the ergonomic design reduces sitting fatigue. The high-density memory foam seat cushion adds luxurious comfort and keeps you cool.

The DROGO office chair is highly adjustable to suit your needs. Its height-adjustable feature lets you easily choose the right sitting position. The chair also reclines to 135 degrees, letting you relax during breaks. The 5cm adjustable lumbar support improves comfort and posture throughout the day.

Ergonomic office chairs are designed for comfort. The space-saving 90-degree flip armrest fits under your desk. Flip the padded armrests up or down to suit your tastes. This chair fits in anywhere—your home office, living room, study area, or meeting space.

The high-back DROGO office chair supports up to 120 kilogrammes. The 360-degree swivel and SGS-certified caster wheels and air roadways make manoeuvring easy. The chair’s nylon-castered base ensures safety and stability.


  1. Excellent lumbar support.
  2. Breathable mesh backrest.
  3. Adjustable features for personalized comfort.
  4. Space-saving flip armrests.
  5. Robust build quality.


  1. Backrest is fixed to the seat.

For a stylish, ergonomic work-from-home chair, the Green Soul® Vienna Premium Leatherette Office Chair is ideal. Its customizable features and executive office chair appeal make it ideal for long, focused work.

This chair’s premium construction and high-quality materials ensure luxury and comfort even during long workdays. The thread-stitched diamond design adds elegance and comfort. The chair looks and feels amazing.

Green Soul® Vienna chairs are known for their curved comfort. The chair’s segmented ultra-plush padding supports your body’s natural curves all day. It feels nice and keeps you cool with breathable bonded leather.

The integrated lumbar cushion is revolutionary for desk workers. Its back support reduces the risk of back and neck ache from prolonged sitting. This chair lets you focus and work comfortably in an office or on a computer.

The Green Soul® Vienna chair supports well. Its headrest reduces neck strain. Work comfortably with padded arms. The chair’s reinforced resin five-star base is sturdy. The 360-degree swivel makes it easy to move around your desk.

A heavy-duty tilt mechanism makes this chair versatile. You can recline the chair and seat back up to 135 degrees to relax. To concentrate, lock it at 90 degrees. This flexibility lets you find your ideal angle.

The Green Soul® Vienna chair can accommodate varied heights and weights. It can support a wide range of users with a weight capacity of 110 kgs and a height suitable of 5ft. 5″ – 6ft. 1″. The chair’s 45.5–48.5-inch height facilitates desk alignment. Sitting comfortably is easy with the 21-inch seat breadth and depth.


  1. Premium make and materials for luxury and comfort.
  2. Contoured, plush padding for all-day back support.
  3. Breathable bonded leather upholstery.
  4. Integrated headrest and padded arms for added comfort.
  5. Heavy-duty tilt mechanism for reclining and locking positions.
  6. Adjustable height for user preference.
  7. Spacious cushion seat for comfortable sitting.
  8. Stylish diamond pattern stitching.
  9. Height suitability restrictions (5ft. 5″ – 6ft. 1″).


  1. Limited weight capacity (110 kgs).

For a stylish, durable, and comfy work-from-home chair, choose the beAAtho Grace Ergonomic Mesh Mid Back Revolving Office Chair. This chair is a top choice for executives and professionals due to its many functions and meticulous design.

This chair’s mesh back is a standout. The mesh back’s ergonomic nylon structure supports and breathes. This feature keeps you sweat-free during lengthy workdays and relieves back pain, improving posture and comfort.

The beAAtho Grace chair has a thick high-density moulded foam seat. This ensures long-term comfort, letting you focus on your work. The comfortable, robust cushion seat is ideal for daily usage.

This chair is top-notch. The class 4 gas lift hydraulic, wheels, mechanism, base and accessories are BIFMA-certified. Certified components improve product durability and longevity.

The elegant beAAtho Grace chair complements any home or workplace decor with its brilliant colours. Work-from-home arrangements benefit from its compact design.

Another highlight is the chair’s adaptability. BIFMA-certified hydraulic gas lift cylinders smoothly modify height for optimal seating for people of different heights. The tilting mechanism lets you rock the chair from 90° to 135° and lock it at a comfortable 90° with a push.

The beAAtho Grace chair has a sturdy metal white-coated wheel base. The 360-degree swivel wheels and heavy-duty nylon base make it easy to move around your office or change surroundings.

The chair’s 360-degree swivel wheels improve movement and stability. These castor wheels rotate smoothly, making daily tasks easier and more effective.

Customizable tilt control is another feature. An easy tilt knob lets you change the chair’s tilt angle for comfort and support. Personalising your sitting experience improves posture and reduces tiredness.

The manufacturer backs the beAAtho Grace chair with a 3-year hassle-free warranty. This warranty protects your investment, giving you peace of mind.


  1. Comfortable and supportive design
  2. Adjustable height and tilt control
  3. BIFMA-certified durable components
  4. Attractive colors that blend with any decor
  5. Space-saving compact design


  1. No adjustable armrests


Is it better to have your office chair lower or higher?

Your desk height and your height determine your office chair height. Generally, your chair should be situated such that your feet are flat on the floor, your knees are bent at 90 degrees, and your thighs are parallel to the floor. When resting your forearms on the armrests, bend your elbows 90 degrees. Low chairs can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. High chairs can cause wrist and shoulder strain.

What is the best angle for an office chair?

Most experts recommend a 20–30-degree forward tilt for office chairs. This aligns your spine and relieves lower back discomfort.

If a forward tilt is bothersome, consider a neutral or modest recline. However, prolonged upright sitting can strain your neck and shoulders.

Is tilt important for an office chair?

Office chairs need tilt. It lets you switch seating positions throughout the day, preventing back pain and other health issues. For breaks and stretching, the tilt mechanism lets you recline.

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