5 Best Height adjustable Standing Desk in India (Electric & Manual) 2024

The height adjustable standing desk is the most popular dynamic, ergonomic, and health-focused workplace solution. Remote workers, corporate employees, and students are becoming aware of the health risks of prolonged sitting. After a long day at work, you often feel back pain, neck pain, and fatigue. Prolonged sitting is linked to obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Could standing up fix it? Sit-stand desks, which let you adjust your workstation’s height, solve this problem. How do you choose from so many options?

This article examines five Indian standing desks, including their specifications, pros and cons, and key features. We thoroughly researched each product, considering assembly, stability, electronics, weight capacity, adjustment range, and warranty before finalising the list. We thought of both tangible and real-world user experiences. Let’s examine these products and find the Best height adjustable Standing Desk in India for workspace solution.

List of the Best height adjustable Standing Desk in India (Electric and Manual)

Following are the indepth review of the top height adjustable height adjustable Standing Desk in India 2024

The flexible height and width of this standing desk suits an array of tabletop sizes and user heights, adapting well to any office. Its smooth matte finish and white engineered wood top give it a refined, contemporary style that effortlessly mixes into my workspace.

What impresses me most is the quiet, smooth electronic lift mechanism. Changing the height doesn’t interrupt my work or the peaceful feel of my office. The pre-set memory positions make switching between sitting and standing fast and simple.

Thoughtful design details like the levelling feet ensure stability even on the uneven floors of my studio. However, at full extension there is some noticeable shaking that, while not a deal breaker, requires care when loading on heavy equipment.

JIN OFFICE Electric Height Adjustable Desk with monitor and laptop

Assembly took me back to my DIY days – straightforward with the tools provided but easier with an extra pair of hands. Considering the sturdiness and capabilities this desk delivers, the minor assembly hassle is a small concession.

This is more than just furniture; it’s part of my workplace wellness regimen. Seamless transitions from sitting to standing improve comfort and productivity. Though an investment, the gains in back health and performance justify the cost.


Desk Style: ‎Modern Material: ‎Engineered Wood Model: ‎JHT8-ES2 Size: ‎76.4D x 152W x 122H Centimeters Presets: 3 Memory Item Weight: 40 kg Maximum Weight Capacity: 80 KG​

What I Like
  • Adjustable width.
  • Good quality tabletop
  • High-quality motor for smooth adjustments
  • Electric height adjustment​
What I don’t like
  • Narrow desk
  • Assembly can be time-consuming​

I tested this JIN OFFICE Height Adjustable Desk Electric in my friend home to find one of the best standing desks in 2024. I have seen many standing desks before, but this is amongst the absolute best and most affordable electric standing desks I’ve come across. As more people look into best standing desks for 2024, this reasonably priced desk remains stable even at its maximum height of 1230mm – one of the most affordable desks to offer such a wide range of height options.

You will find that the JIN OFFICE standing desk is very popular for good reason. I’ve tested the best standing desks available in the India market in recent months while working from home, and this height adjustable desk is one of the best. The premium quality materials make this desk incredibly sturdy while allowing smooth and silent electric adjustment.

With standing desks in the India becoming so popular, it’s best to have a guide to the best options. While no desk is perfect, this one isn’t lacking in quality or features. As I researched desks available in the market, this standing desk is one that really stood out thanks to its premium standing desk surface area and adjustable heights. It offers all the ergonomic benefits of standing desks that users are looking for when researching the right standing desk today.

As more offices invest in sit stand desks for incorporating standing into the workday, a high-quality desk mat is crucial as well to give your feet a break after standing at a standing desk for too long. This particular desk would pair nicely with any high-quality mats for standing desks.

Additionally, while some budget standing desks rely solely on their frames, this height-adjustable standing desk with a sturdy surface and black desk legs remains stable even at standing height. Electric height adjustable options make it easy to adjust the desk height from seated to standing positions with the push of a button. With 4 different memory presets, you can set this desk at just the right height preferences for multiple users.

Anyone looking into stand-up desks this year will be impressed at the stability and quality that this reasonably priced desk offers. While it may not have all the premium features of a more expensive desk, it ticks all the key boxes that users look for in exceptional home office desks today.

Whether you stand for the majority of your day or just want options, this minimalist desk gets the job done. Putting this desk together is quick and simple, allowing you to customize it to your ideal workspace set up. Supported by a strong steel frame, the maximum height of 1230mm allows the surface height to be customized precisely to your elbow height for ergonomic comfort. This well-designed desk would make a welcome addition to any modern home office.


Weight capacity: 80 kg Height Adjustment: From 730 to 1220 mm Style: Modern Shape: Rectangular Memory presets: 4 Colour: Black Desk: Computer Desk

What I Like
  • Powerful electric motor
  • 3 USB ports
  • Adjusts quietly and quickly
  • 4 customizable height presets
  • Adjustable height
What I don’t like
  • Narrow table top
  • Some assembly required

This Sunon Height Adjustable 48 x 24 Inches Electric Lift Standing Desk Computer Table is one of the best standing desks of 2024, and I tested it in my neighbour’s house. This height adjustable desk is very popular as more people consider the advantages of standing desks and introducing standing into their work from home ways of life.

Sunon Electric Dual Motor Desk wire management
Sunon Electric Dual Motor Desk wire management

This specific desk will give you one of the cheapest premium standing desk experiences available on the market. I have observed that this electric height adjustable standing desk is the best in terms of providing seated and standing desk surface area, adjustable heights between 27.7” – 46.9”, and a strong, quality build.

Sunon Electric Dual Motor Desk's table top height adjustment menu settings leg
Sunon Electric Dual Motor Desk’s table top height adjustment menu settings leg

This desk is unique because of the dual motor electric lifting system that keeps the desk stable while adjusting from the sitting to the standing position. The desk adjusts seamlessly at 1’’ per second and supports 220LB without wobbling. You will also find thoughtful details such as a digital display controller with memory presets to store your preferred heights.

Sunon Electric Dual Motor Desk's table top height adjustment menu settings
Sunon Electric Dual Motor Desk’s table top height adjustment menu settings

Having tested the top standing desks, I would rate this desk highly for the variety of height options, scratch-resistant desktop, steel frame construction with black desk legs, and quiet lift mechanism under 50 dB. Though it is not the single best or most expensive desk in the market, it offers premium features at a very affordable price point.


Style: Black Desktop/Black Frame Model: ‎Height Adjustable Material: Wood (‎Engineered Wood) Usage: ‎Writing,Working,Gaming Dimension: ‎120 X 60 CM Weight: 29 kg 900 g Number of Drawers: ‎1 Control type: Memory Preset Controller Maximum: 99.79 Kilograms

What I Liked
  • Adjustment speed
  • Dual motors for speedy, even height adjustments.
  • Height adjustable
  • Height adjusts relatively quickly
  • Adjustment speed of 1” per second
What I don’t like
  • Assembly can be tricky
  • No desk comes with a free chair

I tested this JIN OFFICE Manual Height Adjustable Desk in my friend’s office and found it allows you to easily stand at a standing desk or sit as needed throughout the workday. I have seen many standing desks under ₹20,000, but few offer the ample desk surface area and range of height options that allow both shorter and taller people to work comfortably.

You will find that the desk width is adjustable from 860-1330mm which provides flexibility to fit into various environments and rooms, catering to different user preferences. Incorporating standing throughout the workday is beneficial, but you don’t want to stand at a desk for too long without the option to sit. This desk ticks all the boxes by providing seated and standing capabilities.

Jin Manual Height Adjustable Desk with a small home office setup
Jin Manual Height Adjustable Desk with a small home office setup

The premium quality tabletop and frame give this desk a sturdy base that remains stable even at maximum heights, something other more expensive desk options can sometimes lack. As one of the most affordable manual height adjustable standing desks tested, this particular desk offers great value while still being thoughtfully designed.

After testing the best standing desks available in India, this JIN OFFICE desk stands out for its premium build quality and ample working area. Especially when many are working from home without access to professional standing desks in the office, having a high-quality and budget-friendly height adjustable desk improves the ergonomics and comfort of your home workspace.

This manual height-adjustable standing desk is one of the best standing desks in India for incorporating sitting and standing positions throughout the day. With adjustable heights from 700-1180mm, it’s best suited for most people. The desk isn’t motorized but its 10mm per turn adjustment speed allows you to smoothly adjust the desk height without much effort.


Style: ‎American Colour: ‎Black Weight: 40 kg Size: 122x73x124 cm Model: ‎JHT8-M2 Material: Engineered Wood


Usage: ‎Office (Recommended) Design: ‎Adjustable, Foldable (Standard) Weight capacity: 60Kgs Mounting Type: ‎Surface Model: ‎Deks Components: ‎Sit Stand Desk Frame, Installation Tools, Assembly Instructions Material: ‎Alloy Steel, Aluminium, Plastic.

What I Like
  • Tedious assembly process.
  • Silent operaton
What I don’t Like
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Tedious assembly process

The first time I came across this particular desk at a local store, I was delighted to discover one of the cheapest manual height-adjustable standing desks built for the Indian market. Having personally tested some of the finest standing desks on the market, I can say that there are certain features in this height adjustable desk that I value.

This is a great budget option if you’re looking for standing desks in India. Another thing that I really like about this desk is its solid construction – it can withstand up to 60kgs of weight, so there’s no need to be concerned over the stability of your computer or other desk items. The manual crank handle makes it easy to move between sitting and standing positions, enabling you to incorporate standing into your daily work routine.

This desk will provide you with a large working surface and a high enough height range. Being adjustable from 27.6 to 46.5 inches, this desk is suitable for people with different heights. It also supports desktops from 39.4 inches to 63 inches wide, offering you a variety of flexible workspace choices.

I was also amazed by the ease of the height adjustment mechanism. Because some manual height-adjustable standing desks can wobble when you stand for too long, I was happy to realize that this desk stays firm even at larger heights. The levelling feet also work well in ensuring that things remain balanced even on uneven floors.


Usage: ‎Office (Recommended) Design: ‎Adjustable, Foldable (Standard) Weight capacity: 60Kgs Mounting Type: ‎Surface Model: ‎Deks Components: ‎Sit Stand Desk Frame, Installation Tools, Assembly Instructions Material: ‎Alloy Steel, Aluminium, Plastic.

What I Like
  • Adjustable height
  • Height can be easily adjusted to fit any user
  • Crank handle can be retracted
  • Adjustable frame size
What I don’t like
  • Difficult assembly
  • Low weight capacity

Frequently asked questions

Why are standing desks so expensive?

Standing desks can be expensive due to their intricate designs, high-grade materials and sophisticated mechanisms. Many standing desks include durable frames with adjustable height systems that require precise engineering for proper functioning; furthermore, ergonomic solutions and production costs all factor into this increase in price tag.

What is the best standing position at a desk?

Maintain a neutral, ergonomic posture at a desk for optimum standing position. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Position feet shoulder-width apart on flat ground;
  2. Continue standing tall with shoulders relaxed, back straightened and chest open.
  3. Adjust your desk height so that when typing, your elbows form a 90-degree angle while keeping your wrists straight.
  4. Position the monitor 20-28 inches (50-70 cm) to minimise neck strain.
  5. Alter your weight frequently and consider using an anti-fatigue mat for added comfort.

Is a standing desk good for work?

Standing desks can benefit work and offer numerous health and productivity advantages. Recent research indicates that using a standing desk may:

  • Lower risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes associated with extended sitting.
  • Enhance posture and alleviate back and neck pain caused by poor ergonomics.
  • Boost energy levels, mood and cognitive function for enhanced overall work performance.


Purchase a Standing Desk in India to prioritise your health and productivity at work. My reviewed models have unique features for different needs. The JIN OFFICE Electric Height Adjustable Desk Table and Rife Instant Gas Spring Stand Stand Converter Desk allow seamless sitting-to-standing transitions. The versatile and mobile JIN OFFICE Height Adjustable Laptop Table Pneumatic and eStand Multi Purpose Height Adjustable Table are ideal for flexible workspaces. Finally, the SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk 3.0 Edition was designed with customer feedback in mind and has advanced functionality.

I carefully selected these height adjustable standing desks. Before finalising the list, our team researched products, analysed customer reviews, and compared them. Stability, height adjustment range, electronics, weight capacity, assembly, and warranty were assessed. These crucial factors affect the desk’s performance, durability, and user experience.

Due to their high-quality materials and precision engineering, standing desks are expensive but have many benefits. Consider your workspace, height, and budget when buying a electric or manual height adjustable standing desk. Remember, the best standing desk fits your comfortable and productive workday needs.

Finally, I recommend reading product descriptions, customer reviews, and warranty policies before buying. This comprehensive review guide should help you find a suitable height adjustable Standing Desk in India for your home office, office, or classroom.

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