5 Best Silent Generator for home in India 2023

Day in and day out, you’re working from home, managing important tasks that require a stable power connection. You create and present digital content and frequently video call clients across time zones.
A major storm knocks out power for hours or days. Your work would suffer without reliable power. In such a scenario, a silent generator becomes essential. It provides backup power to keep your work going. Thus, power outages won’t interrupt your video calls. After analysing noise level, Wattage, and user-friendly features we have prepared a list of the best silent generator in India.

List of the Best Silent Generator in India for Home & Shop

Himalayan Power Machine 5 KVA Silent Portable Generator

Himalayan Power Machine 5 KVA Silent Portable Generator

Quiet operation, Compact and versatile design, Lightweight and wheeled, Environmentally friendly, Overload protection, Easy setup and use.
BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator 4 Kva

BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator 4 Kva

Silent operation, Stable power output, Overload protection, Lightweight and compact design, Fuel-efficient, Remote button start (4 Kva variant), Suitable for various household appliances.
Himalayan Power Machine 4 kVA Silent Portable Generator

Himalayan Power Machine 4 kVA Silent Portable Generator

Quiet operation, Lightweight and portable, Electric start, Reliable fuel-powered engine, Suitable for home and shop loads.
SS GOLD Super Silent Portable Generator SS3500i

SS GOLD Super Silent Portable Generator SS3500i

Super silent operation, Manual/electric start options, Reliable power output, Stable AC voltage and frequency, Long runtime, Efficient engine, Fuel-efficient, Low oil shutdown, Compact and portable design.
AK POWER SERVICE PELICAN- 7000i 7,000 Watt Multicolor Silent Inverter Generator

AK POWER SERVICE PELICAN- 7000i 7,000 Watt Multicolor Silent Inverter Generator

Silent operation, Powerful performance, Portable and compact design, Durable engine, Stylish appearance.

For a quiet, powerful generator, the Himalayan Power Machine 5 KVA Silent Portable Generator is ideal. This generator is designed for homes, shops, and other loads. This generator runs 1.5 Hp submersible motors and 1.5-ton ACs.

This generator’s silent canopy is notable. While the generator powers your appliances quietly, you can relax. The generator’s small size adds convenience. It’s compact and versatile.

The Himalayan Power Machine 5 KVA Silent Portable Generator is lightweight and wheeled. This feature makes moving the generator easy, giving you flexibility. It emits no pollution, so you can help the environment while using reliable power.

The Himalayan Power Machine 5 KVA Silent Portable Generator performs well for its size with 5500 KW and 230 V.

The Himalayan Power Machine 5 KVA Silent Portable Generator has overload protection for safety. This precaution protects the generator from power surges.

Battery clamps, tool kit, 3-pin top, and owner’s manual are included with the generator. This package simplifies generator setup and use.


  1. Powerful performance for home and shop loads.
  2. Super silent operation for a peaceful environment.
  3. Compact and lightweight for easy mobility.
  4. Zero pollution for a cleaner environment.
  5. Easy maintenance and service.


  1. Limited wattage for heavy-duty applications.
  2. Relatively heavy at 120 kilograms.
  3. Lack of advanced features like remote start or digital displays.

The BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator 4 Kva is a quiet, powerful, small generator. This quiet, powerful small generator can power your home.

First, the BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator comes in 2 Kva and 4 Kva models to meet your power needs. This generator’s 4-stroke engine produces only 65 dBA at quarter load. This ensures noise-free power supply.

This generator’s advanced inverter technology guarantees a steady power output. This protects sensitive electronics like laptops, TVs, and smartphones from power fluctuations.

Overload protection protects your valuable appliances in the BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator. If power demand is too high, this feature shuts down the generator to protect it and your devices.

This generator is also portable. Despite its powerful performance, it is lightweight and easy to transport. Its 52.5x32x48.5 cm dimensions allow it to fit anywhere in your home.

BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generators are fuel-efficient. Its low fuel consumption lets you use it longer without refuelling. Even at full load, this generator uses 1 litre of fuel per hour, making it a cost-effective energy source.

The 4 Kva BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator has a remote button start for convenience. This feature improves the user experience by starting the generator automatically.

This generator has a 4-liter fuel tank for long runtimes. The motor automatically adjusts fuel consumption based on power demand in eco-mode. This cuts fuel use and promotes renewable energy.

The BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator outputs 4000 Watts, making it suitable for a wide range of household appliances and devices. You can safely power multiple appliances with its 2000W surge and 1800W running wattage.

This generator’s 24.8L x 18.1W x 20.7H centimetres make it ideal for small homes. Its 9-liter tank lasts longer, reducing refuelling.

It has 418 cubic centimetre engine boosts power and performance. +++++


  • Silent operation at 65 dBA
  • Stable power output with inverter technology
  • Overload protection for device safety
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Low fuel consumption for economical usage
  • Parallel connection capability for increased power
  • Remote button start (4 Kva variant)


  • Limited fuel capacity (4 liters)
  • Limited power output for high-demand situations

The Himalayan Power Machine 4 kVA Silent Portable Generator is ideal for home and travel power needs. This small silent generator delivers 4000 KW of wattage to power your essential appliances. This generator powers home loads, shop loads, 1.5 Hp submersible motors, and 1.5-ton ACs.

This generator is quiet. The super silent canopy reduces noise, letting you relax in peace. This makes the Himalayan Power Machine generator ideal for quiet environments.

This small silent generator is lightweight and powerful. It’s lightweight at 55 kilogrammes and easy to transport. Wheels make it easy to move the generator.

Electric start simplifies the Himalayan Power Machine 4 kVA Silent Portable Generator. No more pull cords or laborious generator startup. Reliable power is just a button press away. This helps in emergencies.

This generator’s fuel-powered engine provides steady power. Even during extended power outages, your essential devices will work. The battery clamps, 3-pin top, tool kit, and owner’s manual ensure easy setup and operation.


  1. Powerful 4000 KW wattage.
  2. Super silent operation.
  3. Compact and lightweight design.
  4. Convenient electric start feature.
  5. Reliable fuel-powered engine.
  6. Versatile for home and shop loads.
  7. Zero pollution emissions.


  1. Relatively heavy at 55 kilograms.
  2. Limited capacity for high-powered appliances.

The SS GOLD Super Silent Portable Generator SS3500i provides excellent home power. This generator delivers quiet, reliable power with its impressive features and efficient performance.

The SS GOLD SS3500i has manual and electric start options. To start the generator easily, use the electric start feature. This flexibility lets you easily start the generator at your convenience.

This small generator meets all your power needs with 3200 running watts and 3500 peak watts. This generator powers appliances and outdoor tools. Its stable 230V AC voltage at 50Hz ensures reliable performance.

Due to its 7.5-liter fuel tank, the SS3500i runs long. This generator can run 7 hours at 50% load without refuelling. This is useful during long power outages or generator use.

This small generator generates power efficiently with a 145cc engine. It efficiently converts fuel into electricity, maximising fuel usage. This generator uses 1.2 litres of fuel per hour, extending its runtime.

SS GOLD SS3500i prioritises safety. Low oil shutdown stops the generator’s engine to prevent damage. This safety feature prolongs generator life and provides peace of mind.

This generator’s economy mode optimises fuel consumption and efficiency. This mode intelligently matches engine performance to load, saving fuel and extending runtime. It saves gas and reduces pollution.

SS3500i is very portable. Its 23.5 kilogrammes and 53L x 33W x 48H centimetres make it easy to transport and store. This portable generator is convenient for indoor and outdoor use.


  1. Super silent operation.
  2. Manual/electric start options.
  3. Reliable power output.
  4. Stable AC voltage and frequency.
  5. Long runtime.
  6. Efficient engine.
  7. Fuel-efficient.
  8. Low oil shutdown feature.
  9. Economy mode for optimized fuel consumption.
  10. Compact and portable design.


  1. Limited power output.
  2. Electric start may require a battery.
  3. Relatively higher weight.
  4. May produce vibration.
  5. No alternative fuel options.

AK PowerService PELICAN-7000i is a top silent generator with impressive features and reliable performance. This quiet, powerful home generator meets all your power needs.

This gasoline-powered generator has a 418-cc 4-stroke engine. The generator’s efficiency and durability ensure long-term operation.

PELICAN-7000i output wattage is impressive. This 7000-watt generator can power a 1.5-ton AC unit, fans, and other appliances. In power-outage-prone areas, this makes it an ideal home generator.

The PELICAN-7000i has a rated output of 6.5 kVA and a maximum output of 7.5 kVA at 230 volts. It can power a wide range of appliances and devices, ensuring uninterrupted power when you need it most.

The PELICAN-7000i is silent despite its power. It is one of the quietest generators in its class at 85.2. Even with the generator on, you can relax at home.

The silent PELICAN-7000i generator is portable and compact. Its multicolor design makes it a stylish home accessory. The generator’s 25.2-litre fuel capacity ensures long runtimes.


  1. Powerful 7000-watt performance
  2. Ultra-silent operation (85.2 noise level)
  3. Portable and compact design
  4. Durable 4-stroke engine
  5. Stylish multicolor appearance


  1. Limited fuel capacity (25.2 liters)
  2. Runs on gasoline
  3. Operates at a fixed voltage of 230 volts

Frequently Asked Questions:

How loud is a silent generator?

Silent generators make less than 75 dB. A lawnmower is 80 dB, a hoover cleaner 70 dB and a regular conversation 60 dB.

Generator TypeNoise Level (dB)
Silent Generator< 75 dB
Quiet Generator60-75 dB
Average Generator75-85 dB
Loud Generator> 85 dB

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