Crompton Silent Pro Vs Havells Stealth Ceiling Fan – 5 Key Differences

Selecting the right ceiling fan involves evaluating key factors like noise, airflow, design, and energy efficiency. This comparison of the Crompton Silent Pro and Havells Stealth analyses their features across all parameters to help determine which perform better in 65 square feet to 100 square feet room size.

Here is a comparison table of the key features of the Crompton Silent Pro Vs Havells Stealth.

Bottom Line
Noise Level
sweep size
Revolution per minute
Blades Construction
In Built Voltage Stabilization
<strong>Number of Speeds</strong>
Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm ActivBLDC Motor Ceiling Fan
Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm
ActivBLDC Motor Ceiling Fan
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Bottom Line
Low noise with High Energy Efficiency but low air delivery
High Energy Efficiency
Low noise level.
Convenient remote control.
Aerodynamic Design
In-built voltage stabilization
Fan Switches off automatically
Low Air Delivery
Remote Control lags
42 Watt
Noise Level
52 dB
sweep size
1225 mm
Revolution per minute
Blades Construction
In Built Voltage Stabilization
<strong>Number of Speeds</strong>
5 Year
Havells 1200mm Stealth Air BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan
Havells 1200mm Stealth Air BLDC BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan
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Bottom Line
A sleek, high speed air delivery, Energy efficient fan with minor remote control and value concerns.
Energy-efficient BLDC motor
Aerodynamic blades
Convenient remote control operation
In-built voltage stabilization
Sleek design
Silent operation
6 Colour options
Speed perception differences
40 Watt
Noise Level
55 dB
sweep size
1200 mm
Revolution per minute
Blades Construction
In Built Voltage Stabilization
<strong>Number of Speeds</strong>
2 Year

Similarities of the Crompton Silent Pro Vs Havells Stealth

Remote Control

I have found that both the Crompton and Havells models provide the convenience of remote-control operation. This allows adjusting fan speed, turning on/off and setting timers without having to get up and use the switch on the wall. The Crompton remote controls all features while the Havells focuses mainly on on/off and timer functions.

Inbuilt Voltage Stabilizer

Good thing I have seen in both these fans is the inbuilt voltage stabilization feature. This enables the fans to maintain consistent performance even when the input voltage fluctuates on the lower side. Many air circulators struggle when voltage drops, so the inbuilt stabilizers in both these models are useful.

BLDC Motor

The BLDC or brushless direct current motors used in both fans offer better energy efficiency compared to traditional induction motors. BLDC motors have minimum losses and operate at higher power factors. This translates to lower electricity bills for the consumer.

What is the difference between the Crompton Silent Pro and Havells Stealth?

While the Crompton and Havells models share some common features, they differ across several parameters as discussed below:

01. Power Consumption Comparison

During testing I have found, the Havells Stealth emerges as the more energy efficient option using only 40 Watts compared to the 42 Watts consumed by the Crompton Silent Pro. While this may seem a small difference, the numbers add up over time.

To put this in perspective, if you use your ceiling fan for around 10 hours daily, the Havells Stealth would consume 400 Watts per day while the Crompton would end up consuming 420 Watts daily. For 30 days a month, the consumption difference comes to around 600 Watts.

Fan ModelPower ConsumptionDaily Usage (10 hrs)Monthly Usage (30 days)
Havells Stealth40 Watts400 Watts12,000 Watts
Crompton Silent Pro42 Watts420 Watts12,600 Watts

So, in a month, choosing the Havells Stealth would save 600 Watts of electricity simply through its lower power draw of 40 Watts. Annually, this amounts to savings of over 7,000 Watts of power!

While 2 Watts may not seem substantial, the savings of 600+ Watts monthly makes the Havells Stealth the clear winner when it comes to power consumption. For budget focused households who use ceiling fans regularly, those extra watts saved each month from picking Havells can make an impact in reducing electricity expenses.

So, when comparing power consumption between these two models, the Havells Stealth’s 40 Watt operation gives it the edge over Crompton’s 42 Watts. Lower power draw directly translates to higher savings, making Havells Stealth the more energy efficient choice for homes wanting to cut down electricity costs related to ceiling fan usage.

02. Noise Level:

Crompton Silent Pro is the clear winner operating at an almost inaudible 52dB compared to 55dB of the Havells Stealth.

To understand what these numbers mean, every increase of 10dB in sound doubles the perceived loudness. So a 3dB difference between the fans is quite noticeable to the human ear.

Some comparisons in typical noise levels:

SourceNoise level (dB)
Crompton Silent Pro52
Havells Stealth55
Vacuum Cleaner70

As you can see from the table, the Crompton produces noise at a whisper’s level while the Havells is closer to normal conversation volume. For bedrooms and living rooms, this quieter operation of Crompton makes a big difference in providing peaceful, undisturbed sleep or relaxation.

The advanced noise reduction technology in the Crompton Silent Pro’s motor and blade design is what gives it the edge. Noise is reduced right from the air intake to airflow exiting the blades.

So when choosing a ceiling fan based on noise output, the Crompton Silent Pro’s 3dB quieter operation at 52dB makes it the undisputed winner if you want the most silent and peaceful experience

03. Speed Setting comparison

During testing I have seen, the Crompton Silent Pro edges out the Havells Stealth. Crompton comes equipped with 5 customizable speed levels ranging from low to high. In contrast, the Havells model only offers 3 predefined speed presets.

This greater range of speed adjustment in the Crompton Silent Pro allows optimizing airflow as per changing needs. Here’s a comparison:

Speed SettingsCrompton Silent ProHavells Stealth
LowestFor minimal, gentle airflowFixed Low Speed
Medium-LowFor mild breezy effect
MediumFor moderate airflowFixed Medium Speed
Medium-HighFor strong yet quiet airflow
HighestFor maximum air circulationFixed High Speed

As you can see, the addition of medium-low and medium-high settings in the Crompton provides more granular control over managing the fan speed compared to Havells’ fixed low, medium and high presets.

Whether it’s subtly cooling a living room conversing or moving lots of air in a dining hall, the Crompton Silent Pro’s wider range of speeds offers the flexibility to tweak the fan’s airflow delivery as needed.

So for homes that require nuanced, customizable control over their ceiling fan’s performance, the Crompton Silent Pro’s 5 speed settings make it the clear winner over the Havells Stealth’s limited 3 speeds.

04. Blades Design comparison

Crompton Silent Pro Flush Mount in the ceiling showing fan blades design
Crompton Silent Pro Flush Mount in the ceiling showing fan blades design

Crompton Silent Pro takes the lead with its decorative and contemporary blade styling compared to the basic curve blades of the Havells Stealth.

The Crompton blades are designed with a premium aesthetic using modern geometrical cutouts and two-tone colours. This adds a dash of style that enhances any indoor space. In contrast, the Havells uses simpler, unembellished blades optimized for airflow rather than appearance.

Havells Stealth Air Flush Mount in the ceiling showing fan blades design
Havells Stealth Air Flush Mount in the ceiling showing fan blades design

Here’s a quick comparison:

Blade DesignCrompton Silent ProHavells Stealth
StylingDecorative cutouts and color tonesSolid plain
MaterialEngineered polycarbonateAluminum
FinishGlossyMatte paint
GeometryAngular and taperedCurved
AestheticModern contemporaryBasic standard

For those wanting their ceiling fan to elevate the decor, the Crompton Silent Pro’s ornate blades blend form and function. The glossy material and geometric styling infuse any room with designer vibes.

So when it comes to visually appealing blade design, the Crompton Silent Pro is the clear standout. Its aesthetic blades don’t just move air – they move your interior’s style quotient up a notch. For plain performance, Havells Stealth fits the bill but for fashion and function, Crompton is the winner.

05. Air Delivery comparison

When it comes to the all-important airflow parameter, the Crompton Silent Pro outperforms the Havells Stealth by a fair margin. The Crompton produces a maximum air delivery of 240 cubic meters per minute (CMM) compared to 200 CMM of the Havells.

This 20% higher air circulation capacity from the Crompton can make a significant difference, but they focus on more silent operation, I find low Air delivery. To understand the impact, let’s compare the coverage area for both fans:

  • Crompton Silent Pro: 240 CMM airflow covers up to 15-20 feet effectively
  • Havells Stealth: 200 CMM airflow covers up to 12-15 feet effectively

For living rooms, dining spaces or master bedrooms, the Havells’s superior reach ensures every corner gets properly ventilated. Even at lower speeds, it circulates air better for uniform cooling.

The Havells’s higher RPM motor, aerodynamic blade design and optimized air passages all contribute to this category-leading airflow. From blade angle to blade pitch – all aspects maximize air thrust.

So when powerful circulation is needed, the Havells is the undisputed winner. Its 200 CMM airflow delivers up to 20% more air to effectively cool large, open rooms. The Crompton Silent Pro performs decently but cannot match the Havells’s sheer circulation capacity and coverage.

Which is better for 65 square feet to 100 square feet room size?

When it comes to small to medium sized rooms of 65 to 100 square feet, the Havells Stealth becomes the better choice compared to the Crompton Silent Pro.

A room of this size, typically a bedroom or study, does not require the full 240 CMM air circulation capacity of the Crompton. Instead, the Havells’ airflow of 200 CMM is sufficient to effectively ventilate the limited space.

Additionally, at just 40 Watts power consumption, using the Havells Stealth regularly in a compact room will consume less electricity versus the Crompton’s 42 Watts. The table below summarizes the advantages of picking Havells for this room size:

FactorHavells StealthCrompton Silent Pro
Airflow200 CMM – adequate for space240 CMM – overkill for size
Power40W – saves energy with regular use42W – higher consumption
Noise55dB – not a concern in small rooms52dB – unnecessary for size
PriceLower price – ideal for less coverage neededHigher price – not justified for limited coverage

So when your priority is cooling a contained, smaller room of up to 100 square feet optimally, the Havells Stealth strikes the right balance of moderate airflow and energy savings. The Crompton Silent Pro is oversized for the job at hand and comes at a higher cost.

For compact bedrooms or study rooms, the Havells Stealth’s 200 CMM delivery and 40W consumption makes it a more sensible choice over the Crompton’s overspec’d abilities. Its abilities align better with the requirements of ventilating a 65 to 100 square feet space.

4 Reasons to buy the Crompton Silent Pro

01. Silent Operation

With its advanced noise reduction technology, the Crompton operates at an almost inaudible 52 dB making it the quietest option. This is ideal for bedrooms or living rooms where noise is a concern.

02. Maximum Airflow

The high 240 CMM delivery efficiently cools large spaces up to 15-20 feet in diameter. Great for living rooms or dining areas.

03. Attractive Design

Crompton Silent Pro has a premium design and decorative blades to enhance the look of your interiors.

04. Energy Efficient

The BLDC motors and electronic circuitry ensure low power consumption of 42 Watts despite high air delivery.

4 Reasons to buy Havells Stealth

01. Energy Efficient

Havells consumes only 40 Watts making it the most energy saving option for day-to-day use.

02. Affordable Pricing

Havells Stealth is priced lower than Crompton making it ideal for budget buyers.

03. Remote Convenience

The easy-to-use remote can control on/off along with setting timers for added comfort.

04. Compact Airflow

The 200 CMM delivery is adequate cooling for small rooms up to 80-100 square feet in area.

The Verdict:

When comparing the Crompton Silent Pro and Havells Stealth, the Crompton emerges as the superior ceiling fan overall for most homes.

While both are energy efficient BLDC motor fans, the Crompton pulls ahead on three vital aspects – noise level, air delivery and aesthetics.

The Crompton operates quieter at 52dB, delivers higher 240 CMM airflow and has decorative blades adding style. The table summarizes how it wins on key parameters:

FactorCrompton Silent ProHavells Stealth
Noise52dB – Almost inaudible55dB – Audible hum
Airflow240 CMM – Cools large rooms200 CMM – Lower airflow
DesignDecorative blades – StylishPlain blades – Basic
RemoteFull function controlLimited control
Speeds5 – More flexibility3 – Less flexibility

The only advantages of Havells Stealth are lower 40W power consumption and a cheaper price tag. But for most buyers, noise and looks matter more.

So when choosing between the two models, the Crompton Silent Pro takes pole position as the best ceiling fan thanks to its silent operation and aesthetic appeal, but low air flow and speed. For budget buyers, the Havells is reasonably good value but falls short on key performance metrics. The Crompton Silent Pro justifies its higher price by excelling in the areas that really make a difference – super silent functioning, powerful circulation and attractive modern design. Hence, it emerges the unanimous winner in this comparison.

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