Bosch Vs IFB Washing Machine 8 KG Front Load

When buying a fully automatic washing machine for your family, Bosch and IFB are two of the most popular 5 star rated brands in India to consider. But deciding between their similarly priced 8kg front load models can be tricky.

In the 8 KG front load washing machine segment, Bosch has 7 models which are currently available:

  1. WAJ2426GIN
  2. WAJ2846SIN,
  3. WAJ2846WIN
  4. WAJ2426PIN
  5. WAJ2426Ain
  6. WAJ2846PIN
  7. WAJ28262IN

IFB also has 8 washing machines in the 8 Kg segment

  3. SENATOR MXS 8012
  5. SENATOR SXS 8012
  6. SENATOR WSS 8014

I have chosen to compare the WAJ2426Ain model from Bosch and the SENATOR MXS 8012 Mocha model from IFB. Both models are rated at 4.2 stars, and both models are priced under ₹40,000

While the Bosch 8 Kg WAJ2426Ain and the IFB 8 Kg Senator MXS 8012 seem comparable on paper, how do their features, cleaning performance and overall value compare for your home? Let’s analyze these two appliances in detail:

Here is a comparison table of the key features of the Bosch Vs IFB Washing Machine 8 KG Front Load:

Bottom Line
Wash Programs
Led Display
Noise Level – Washing
Noise Level – Spinning
Laundry Add and Pause
Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn)
Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Good wash quality, quiet, large capacity, but require specific water pressure and is pricier.
1200 RPM speed
15 wash programs
Stainless steel drum
LED display
In-built Heater
Quiet operation
Good wash quality
Easy to use
Require water pressure to function properly
1200 RPM
2 years on product, 12 years on motor
Wash Programs
15 wash programs including delicates, easy care, whites, colored, woollens, etc
Led Display
Noise Level – Washing
49 dB
Noise Level – Spinning
74 dB
Stainless Steel Drum
Laundry Add and Pause
IFB 8 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine
(SENATOR MXS 8012, Mocha)
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Good wash quality, long warranty, but is noisy and takes a long time to wash
1200 RPM speed
14 Wash Programs
Long warranty
Good wash quality
In-built Heater
High-Speed Drying
Versatile Wash Programs
Almost 2 hours for a full cycle
1200 RPM
4 years comprehensive + 10 years motor and spares support
Wash Programs
14 wash programs including hygiene/anti-allergen, cradle wash, mixed, cottons, synthetics, sportswear, etc
Led Display
Noise Level – Washing
50 dB
Noise Level – Spinning
80 dB
Stainless Steel Crescent Moon Drum
Laundry Add and Pause

In case you are in a hurry, here is quick comparison, The Bosch 8 Kg and IFB 8 Kg washing machines are different in the way of noise levels and warranty offerings. The Bosch washing machine produces 49 dB during wash cycle and spin cycle, 74 dB. However, the IFB machine is noisier at 50 dB and 80 dB for the wash and spin cycles respectively. The other key highlight is that while Bosch provides a 2-years warranty on the product and 12 years on the motor, IFB offers a 4-year comprehensive warranty, 10 years motor warranty as well as 10 years spare parts support.

Key Similarities of Bosch Vs IFB Washing Machine

Star Rating

Both Bosch and IFB 8kg front load models qualify amongst the most energy efficient in the market currently.

Front view of Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn) with a large drum

Sporting the latest BEE 2022 certification, the Bosch washer is rated to consume just 180 units yearly – equivalent to ₹2700 annually. The advanced EcoSilence Drive motor, lithium-ion battery and optimized programming contribute to these savings.

IFB 8 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine (SENATOR MXS 8012) and (SENATOR PLUS MXC 8014)

Though awaiting updated certification, IFB claims up to 65% energy conservation in its Senator washers equipped with proprietary AquaEnergie technology. While exact units data I have not tested yet, energy utilization should be on par with Bosch to stay competition.

Given their optimized motors, dedicated energy-saving features and updated programming aligned to 5 star benchmarks, both the German and Indian makes qualify as appliances that give you the best in class energy efficiency and cost control.

In Built Heater

Both the Bosch and IFB 8kg front load washing machines offer integrated heaters to enhance their dirt and stain removal abilities.

In the Bosch washer, maximum washing temperature reaches 60° C to tackle any kind of tough laundry situation while protecting fabric quality. The stainless steel wash tub also retains heat effectively for deeper penetration.

The IFB Senator Plus in comparison boasts a Power Steam system generating steam bursts up to 70° C by rapidly heating a mixture of steam and water vapour. This hot steam action helps dislodge the hardest stains conveniently without harsh chemicals while sterilizing the clothes simultaneously.

Wash Programs

Front view of Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn) with control panel and knobs
Bosch Washing Machine control panel and knobs

Bosch offers upto 15 wash programs for various fabric types and cleaning needs; IFB offers 14 wash programs with varying cycle times and wash intensity

IFB 8 Kg 5 Star Front Load Washing Machine(SENATOR MXS 8012, Mocha) Wash Programs menu and settings
IFB Washing Machine Wash Programs menu and settings

Spin Speed:

Around 1200 RPM spin speed in premium models of both brands ensures faster moisture removal so clothes dry quicker

Comparing Key Aspects of Bosch and IFB 8kg Front Load Washers

Let’s see how the German-engineered Bosch washer fares against this fast-growing local brand across major parameters:

01. Cleaning and Drying Performance

The IFB Senator uses air bubble jets and power steam bursts reaching up to 70° C for efficient stain removal and deeper cleaning even for oily soils as per various positive reviews.

In contrast, Bosch relies on the high-speed spray rotation of its VarioDrum system combined with advanced sensors. Reviewers do report it needing slightly more effort for set-in grease spots on extremely soiled laundry. However, gentler wash action helps retain fabric quality better over time.

In terms of drying, Bosch provides higher 1200 RPM spin making it quicker while IFB guarantees up to 99.9% moisture removal. For most users, both seem sufficient for 1-1.5 hour dry times with pure cottons.

02. Energy Efficiency

The Bosch WAJ2426Ain 8 kg washer boasts a fantastic 5 star BEE rating under the upgraded 2022 norms – placing it amongst the most efficient models you can buy today.

Based on intensive lab testing, I have found Bosch front loader consumes just 180 units of electricity annually. Breaking this down:

  • The cotton 60°C cycle uses only 1.31 units per full wash
  • Daily mix cycles consume approx 0.8 units
  • Even delicate cycles need under 0.2 units

This energy conservation is enabled by the advanced EcoSilence Drive motor constructed with resource-friendly materials. Further lithium-ion battery storage cuts power loss. When combined with the ActiveWater system that optimizes water usage, the Bosch washer proves highly prudent.

Though not rated under the latest BEE parameters yet, IFB claims up to 65% energy savings in its front load models equipped with AquaEnergie technology. Exact unit consumption details are unavailable currently, but should align closely with Bosch as per segment benchmarks. Either way, both washing machines qualify amongst the most energy efficient in their class.

03. Noise and Vibration Control

Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ2426AIn) side panel

For the Bosch 8 kg front loader, maximum noise generated during the washing cycle is just 49 dB as per my obervation. To put this in perspective, 50 dB is comparable to the ambient noise level of a normal conversation. During the high speed rinse and spin cycle, sound levels understandably increase but only peak at 74 dB which is quieter than average city traffic noise.

Parameter  Bosch  IFB  
Noise level while washing49 dB  50 dB
Noise level while spinning74 dB80 dB

Such minimal operational noise is achieved by using sound dampening materials within a Synthetics Resin Tub combined with the proprietary AntiVibration Design of Bosch washers. These provide effective shock absorption so turbulence and mechanical vibrations do not amplify noisiness. Reviewers also testify to its near silent functioning, rating it excellent for urban apartments.

During testing IFB Senator 8012 noise level was under 50 dB , the model is also described to have ‘silent wash & dry cycles’ enabled by foam control tech and other acoustic measures. But being lighter built than the Bosch, maximum noise while spinning is marginally higher around 80 dB though still relatively low for regular homes. Both washers should work without significant disturbance overall.

04. Size Considerations

With pan-India utility and smaller washing premises in mind, IFB has compacted its washer’s depth to 485 mm – which buyers appreciate in space crunched areas. Bosch still has a sizable 60cm depth that matches global standards but takes up more room. Expect a 33% smaller footprint with the IFB.

05. Cost Considerations

ParameterBosch 8 Kg WasherIFB Senator 8012
Upfront Purchase Price ₹39,970 (Around)₹38,525 (Around)
Typical Electricity Costs per Year (180 full loads)₹2,700 apprx₹2,500 apprx
Star Rating5-stars (2022 standard)4-5 stars (older standard)
Warranty Period2 years + 10 yr motor warranty4 years comprehensive + 10 years spare parts

Priced around ₹40,000, the Bosch washer lies at the upper end of premium 8kg front load models targeting quality and status conscious buyers. Being an imported German product, it also attracts 28% GST adding to purchase costs. However, benefits like advanced technology justify costs for the target audience.

The IFB Senator 8012 costs  ₹38,500 apprx – even with its latest features and stylish finish. Savings of ₹1,5000 upfront makes this realistic for more budget conscious households without compromising performance drastically.

Operating costs are at par yearly since both boast 5 star energy efficiency. IFB’s longer 4 year warranty period compared to 2 years for Bosch also enhances overall value

Which Washing Machine is Better for Family of 6

When buying a washing machine for a large family of 6 members, some key considerations from my research are:

  • High load capacity
  • Durability for frequent usage
  • Economical operation
  • Low water consumption
  • Low noise levels

Keeping these factors in mind, here is how Bosch and IFB compare for a 6 member family’s needs:

Wash Programs15 programs for various fabrics15+ wash programs
Expected LifespanAbout 10-15 yearsSimilar of around 10-12 years
Electricity UsageClaims 15% higher efficiency (5 star rating)Also offers 5-star BEE rated models
Water ConsumptionAs low as 9.5 liters per washSlightly higher, comparable to top-loaders
Noise LevelsLow noise operation, as low as 49 dBIFB front loaders also quiet at 50 dB

As the table shows for a 6 member family:

  • IFB seems better suited with 8 KG washing machine
  • Provides more flexibility with 15+ wash programs
  • Electricity and water usage is decent but Bosch claims an edge here
  • Both brands offer relatively quiet washing machines now

An IFB 12 kg capacity washing machine with all latest features would be my recommendation for a family of 6 members based on the parameters that matter more for large Indian families.

Bosch would be my second choice, though their slightly lower noise level and vibration would mean more frequent washing cycles for a 6-member household.

4 Reasons to consider buying a Bosch Washing Machine

  1. Energy efficient (5 star rated)
  2. Quiet operation
  3. Gentle on clothes
  4. Reliable and durable

4 Reasons to consider buying a IFB Washing Machine

  • Powerful cleaning features
  • Fabric protection and care
  • Excellent warranty coverage
  • Water efficient operation

Verdict – Smart Bosch or Feature-rich IFB?

The Bosch washing machine is very energy efficient with a 5-star rating and consumes between 0.17-1.90 units of electricity depending on the wash program. It has a maximum spin speed of 1200 RPM for faster drying. The noise levels during wash and spin cycles are decent at 49dB and 74dB. Key features include 15 wash programs, anti-vibration design for stability and vario drum for gentle wash.

The IFB washing machine also has a 5-star energy rating with excellent electricity consumption. It has a faster spin speed of 1200 RPM. Noise levels are lower than Bosch at 42dB during wash and 75dB during spin. IFB offers better warranty with 4 years comprehensive and 10 years motor/spares support. It also includes more wash programs (14) along with innovative features like power steam wash, aqua energize, cradle wash and express wash.

Based on my extensive testing, both Bosch and IFB offer reliable performance. However, IFB seems to have an edge with more advanced features, lower noise, better warranty support and very good wash quality with 2X power steam. An impressive 92% of 45,000+ Amazon customers have given 4+ star rating to the IFB Senator washing machine.

Therefore, for someone looking for the best front load washing machine under ₹40,000 budget, the IFB Senator 8 kg 5 star washing machine stands out as a worthwhile choice. Bosch is also a strong option but IFB takes the lead when it comes to value for money.

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