5 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine Top Loading 8kg in 2023

If you have to wash ten shirts, four pairs of jeans, four pairs of trousers, and two bedsheets, a good washing machine can make a huge difference in your daily life. A fully automatic top-loading 8kg washing machine in India is ideal for a 6–8-person family. This washing machine can wash more clothing because of its larger drum. It offers buttons and options to customise your wash cycle. I have tested and reviewed some of the best fully automatic washing machine top loading 8kg in India and compiled the list based on BEE ratings, drying speed, noise level while washing and drum capacity and here are my top picks for you.

List of the Best fully automatic washing machine top loading 8kg in India

Large households can consider the LG 8 Kg Top Loading Washer (T80SKSF1Z). For a seven-person family, its 8.0 Kg capacity is great. The washing machine has a 5-star Energy Star rating and Smart Inverter Technology that can save 36% energy. It consumes Energy 0.0080 KWh/kg/cycle, and water is 13.95 L/kg/cycle. It’s 700 RPM spin speed washing and drying reduces electricity consumption by 30%. This washing machine has eight wash manual programs like Normal, Gentle (Wool), Quick Wash and more. TurboDrum technology provides the most intense wash and removes the toughest dirt with a strong water stream revolving drum and pulsator in the opposite direction. Energy-saving Smart Inverter Technology makes the washing machine more durable than its competitors. The stainless-steel inner tub and watertight motor prevent corrosion.

Fuzzy Logic, Tub Clean, and 3 Smart Motion—three kinds of tub movement controlled by smart inverter—improve washing performance and clothes care. The shock-resistant, anti-scratch diamond glass door has a wide perspective. Anti-Rat Cover and 230 W Motor Input Wattage.

This top-load LG washing machine has a 2-year comprehensive and 10-year motor warranty.


  1. Energy Star rating: 5 Star
  2. Warranty: 2 Years on product & 10 years on Motor.
  3. Spin speed: 700 RPM


  • Large capacity (8.0 Kg) for big families.
  • Energy-efficient (5-star Energy Star rating, Smart Inverter Technology).
  • Faster wash and drying (higher spin speed – 700 RPM).
  • Eight wash programs with TurboDrum technology.
  • Durable build (waterproof motor, stainless steel inner tub).
  • Additional features: Fuzzy Logic, Tub Clean, 3 Smart Motion.
  • Shock-resistant, anti-scratch wide diamond glass door.
  • Two years comprehensive & 10 years motor warranty.


  •  No AI wash.

The Panasonic 8 Kg Wifi Machine (NA-F80X10PRB) is an excellent choice for people who prefers AI wash. This top-load washing machine has several great AI features to make washing easy and efficient for a family of seven.

Its large capacity lets you wash more clothing simultaneously, saving time and energy. This washing machine is great for everyday clothes, wash 10 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, and 1 bedsheet at a time.

Intelligent and creative technology distinguishes the Panasonic (NA-F80X10PRB). AI-powered Wash Wizard makes laundry easier than ever. The app intelligently customises wash programs by fabric, colour, filth level, and more.

Are you concerned about difficult stains? Stain Genius can help. You can now remove tough stains with comprehensive pretreatment guidance for different stains. The MirAIe cloud will identify stains by analysing photographs, and providing confidence ratings and pretreatment recommendations.

After soaking, washing, rinsing, or before the final rinse, you can pause the wash cycle to add forgotten garments. Eliminate laundry “oops”!

The built-in heater also maintains hygiene; it removes 99.99% of bacteria and stains for clean, hygienic garments every time.

This washer saves energy and water with Econavi technology; it automatically adjusts to reduce waste by sensing water temperature, wash load amount, and laundry material. This protects the environment and lowers utility expenditures.

High-density foam from the Active Foam System lifts stains from fibres. Your clothes will be cleaner than ever.


  1. Energy Star rating: 5 Star
  2. Warranty: 2 Years on product & 12 years on Motor.
  3. Spin speed: 702 RPM


  • 8 kg capacity for large families.
  • Ai-customised wash programs.
  • Stain Genius for tough stains.
  • Auto Pause feature.
  • Built-in heater for hygiene.
  • Econavi saves energy and water.
  • Active Foam System for effective cleaning.
  • Large lint filter for easy maintenance.


  •  High noise level while spinning 75 db.

The energy-efficient Samsung 8 KG top load washing machine (WA80BG4441BGTL) is excellent for large families of up to 7 persons. Its BEE 5-star energy rating makes it one of the most efficient washers in its class. This washing machine has a 2-year comprehensive guarantee and a 20-year digital inverter motor warranty.

Its 700 RPM motor speeds up washing and drying. Its speed and effectiveness will wash and dry your garments rapidly. The machine includes nine wash programs: Quick Wash, Bedding, Delicates and more. The panel display is red LED for harsh water washing.

Samsung’s 8 kg top load washer includes many performance features, the 15-minute Quick Wash lets you wash garments fast. The ergonomic rear control allows cleaning without spilling water on the digital panel easy. The tilted control panel is behind the machine, which helps the soft-closing door and closes the washing machine safely and quietly. A damper slows the soft-closing door, keeping your hands safe. The lidless tempered glass pane lets you see your laundry, it’s tough and won’t scratch.

Magic Filter powers the Samsung 8 kg top load washing machine, it eliminates lint at low water levels and prevents drainage clogging. The Magic Filter’s front-and-back mesh captures lint, fluff, and particles from laundry. The filter opens 180° for easy cleaning.


  1. Energy Star rating: 5 Star
  2. Warranty: 2 Years on product & 20 years on Motor.
  3. Spin speed: 700 RPM


  • Energy-efficient (5-star rating)
  • Suitable for large families (8 kg capacity)
  • Quick wash and drying (700 RPM)
  • Nine wash programs for versatility
  • Manufacturer warranty (2 years on product, 20 years on motor)
  • Soft-closing door for safety
  • Tempered glass window for easy viewing
  • Effective Magic Filter for lint removal


  • Noise at high RPM

The energy-efficient IFB 8.0 Kg Top Load Washing Machine (TL-SBRS) is excellent for a family of 7. Its 720 RPM spin, speeds up drying time by 30%. The machine’s HOT WASH AT 60°C remove 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and pollens and give you an allergy-free clothing experience.

It has AQUA ENERGIE technology which energises water to improve detergent action. Filters dissolve detergent better to soften fabrics. 3D WASH dynamic wash technology soaks garments well.

It has a specific program that removes 44 types of stains from the toughest stains. This programme works well within 48 hours of staining garments.

It comes with a SOFT CLOSING DOOR that slowly slides and shuts softly when released, lasting longer than conventional doors. The AUTO IMBALANCE VIBRATION CONTROL’s sophisticated sensing technology detects and corrects spin imbalances to boost stability.


  1. Energy Star rating: 5 Star
  2. Warranty: 2 Years on product, 10 years on Motor, 10 years Spares Support.
  3. Spin speed: 720 RPM


  • Energy-efficient (5-star rating).
  • Fast drying (720 RPM spin speed).
  • HOT WASH AT 60°C for germ-free washing.
  • Durable (scale-proof, rust-proof).
  • Enhances detergent action (AQUA ENERGIE).
  • Thorough washing (3D WASH dynamic system).
  • Effective stain removal program.
  • Soft closing door for longevity.


  • Top-loading design
  • Relatively expensive compared to basic models.

This low noise and vibration-less, Energy-efficient 8kg Top Loading Washing Machine from the house of Bosch. It can handle 8 kg of laundry.

Though its 680 RPM spin is a little low, able to dry clothes faster. To avoid mould growth, the machine has a Tub clean programme that may be run every two weeks. Delay Start lets you arrange the wash cycle within 24 hours, making laundry planning easy.

The washer’s Soft Closing Lid ensures a safe and silent lid closure. Easy-to-use One Touch Start automatically selects the best program and settings for your laundry load.

The washing machine includes a Hot/Cold fill option to suit fabric varieties and soiling circumstances. The hot water tap feeds the machine. Adjustable feet level reduces noises and vibration by 30%.

Power Off Memory automatically restarts the wash program after a power outage to maintain seamless functioning. It features eight wash programs to handle all loads. The 8 Water levels are ideal for washing heavily dirty loads.

The washing machine’s LED display shows Remaining Time and Delay Start. The wash cycle ends with a buzzer.


  1. Energy Star rating: 5 Star
  2. Warranty: Available with additional payment.
  3. Spin speed: 680 RPM.


  • Tub clean program for mould prevention.
  • Delay Start feature.
  • Soft Closing Lid.
  • One touch Start.
  • Hot/Cold fill option.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Power Off Memory for continuous cycles.
  • Eight wash programs and water levels.
  • LED display and end cycle buzzer.


  • The hot water option requires an additional tap connection.
  • Expensive.
  • Only 10 days replacement.

Top Fully Automatic Washing Machine Top Loading 8kg in India Compared

ModelCapacity (Kg)Energy Star RatingWarrantySpin Speed (RPM)Wash ProgramsDimensions (cm) (H x W x D)Noise Level while spinning (db)
LG T80SKSF1Z85 Star2 Years Product & 10 years on Motor700891 x 54 x 5677
Panasonic NA-F80X10PRB85 Star2 Years Product & 12 years on Motor70212103 x 52.5 x 60.480
Samsung WA80BG4441BGTL85 Star2 Years Product & 20 years on Motor700998.8 x 56.8 x 5478
IFB TL-SBRS8.05 Star2 Years Product, 10 years on Motor, 10 years Spares Support7201195 x 59 x 5777
Bosch WOE802D0IN85 StarAvailable (with extra payment)6801296 x 55 x 56.575

Things to Look for in an Fully Automatic Washing Machine Top Loading 8kg in India

  1. Spare Parts Availability and Warranty: A washing machine is a long-term investment, so you want to make sure it lasts for years without major complications. Some firms offer 2-3 years of comprehensive product warranty and 10–20 years on the motor, which is amazing. If the machine breaks after 7–8 years and you can’t get spare parts, then, the machine becomes no more usable. Thus, to easily repair your washing machine, choose a manufacturer with spare parts warranty.
  2. Drying Features: Washing machines save time and work by drying garments after washing. Before buying a washing machine, verify its spin speed because they all dry differently. The drum rotates at a certain RPM to extract water from garments. Faster drying requires more energy and noise. An 8 KG washing machine should spin at 680–750 RPM.
  3. Auto Sensing Fabric and Water Level Adjustment: varying fabrics require varying quantities of water, detergent, and time to clean without harming or wasting water. A washing machine with auto sensing fabric and water level adjustment can automatically recognise the kind and weight of clothes in the drum and modify the water level, detergent dose, and wash cycle. This saves water and energy and cleans garments well.
  4. Delay Start: You can schedule your laundry with the delay start function. This function is excellent for people who wish to save money on off-peak electricity or have their laundry ready when they get home. Load your clothing, set the delay timer, and forget about it.
  5. Auto Tub Cleaning: Washing machines wash and rinse clothes in the tub or drum. Dirt, detergent residue, and germs can build up in the tub, hurting performance and hygiene. A washing machine with auto tub cleaning removes dirt and odour after every wash cycle. This keeps your washing machine and clothes clean.
  6. Inverter Technology: The washing machine motor spins the drum and clothing. Regardless of load or cycle, conventional motors run at a constant speed. This increases energy use, noise, and motor wear. An inverter motor can alter its speed according to load and cycle, improving energy efficiency, noise, and motor longevity.
  7. Noise: Washing machines, especially spin cycles, can be noisy. If you use the machine at night or in a tight location, this can be irritating. Before buying a washing machine, consider its noise levels. An 8 KG washing machine should make 50–57 dB while washing and less than 75 dB while spinning.

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