8 Best Ergonomic Chair in India under ₹20000

You’ve started working from home and spending long hours at the computer. Your chair doesn’t support your back and neck, causing pain and weariness. Backaches and neck strains are impacting your productivity and well-being.

You’ve discovered that ergonomic chairs improve posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues. You’re sure an ergonomic chair is good for your health and productivity.

However, you can’t afford an expensive chair. You want an ergonomic, cheap chair for around 20,000 rupees with adjustable height, backrest, lumbar support, and comfy seat padding. Then, you are in the right place. After analysing adjustability, material quality, and ease of installation we compiled a list of the best Ergonomic Chair India under 20000.

List of the Best Ergonomic Chair in India under 20000

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Stylux Ergo High-Back Home & Office Chair is unequalled in comfort, style, and ergonomic design. This chair is a great value at under ₹2000.

SmartGRID Technology distinguishes this ergonomic office chair. This revolutionary design makes sitting supportive and pressure-free. Your tailbone is supported by the SmartGRID seat. This chair efficiently distributes weight to keep you comfortable all day.

Desk workers often experience back pain. SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support handles this in the Stylux Ergo High-Back Chair. Supporting your spine’s natural curve lessens back discomfort. The curved cushion supports your lumbar and improves circulation, making sitting healthier.

Super Lounge Dual Tilt Mechanism enhances comfort in this office chair. Relax with a 135° seat tilt. The dual lever system lets you easily modify the seat height and backrest angle to suit your needs. This chair lets you work or stretch.

The Stylux Ergo High-Back Chair is a durable workplace chair. BIFMA-certified, heavy-duty chrome-finished dual caster and nylon wheelbase. The wheels’ 360° swivel and Anti-Scratch features make moving easy on any surface. This lets you move around your desk without hurting the chair or floor.

The Stylux Ergo High-Back Chair is proudly crafted in India and comes with a 3-year hassle-free warranty from the manufacturer. This shows the company’s trust in the chair’s quality and endurance, reassuring you.

This chair can accommodate a variety of body shapes and sizes with a maximum weight of 136 kilogrammes.


  1. Patented SmartGRID Technology for support and spinal alignment.
  2. SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support for back pain relief.
  3. Super Lounge Dual Tilt Mechanism for customizable reclining.
  4. Heavy-duty base structure with BIFMA-certified wheels.
  5. Made in India with a 3-year warranty.


  1. The head cushion can’t be removed.

The Kepler Brooks Office Chair combines comfort, beauty, and usefulness. This executive revolving chair is designed for professionals who value luxury and practicality.

The chair’s elegance draws attention. Its high-quality PU leather with a matte finish conveys sophistication and expertise. Water and oil proof, the upholstery cover is attractive and durable.

Kepler Brooks Office Chairs are quite comfortable. The 32D high-density foam double-layer cushioning is soft and tight. This chair supports your head, back, lumbar, legs, and arms while you work or meet. Comfortably endure long sitting hours.

This chair’s 4-recline multi-synchro tilt lock system is notable. This unique mechanism lets you lock the chair at any angle between 90 and 135 degrees for maximum comfort. It revolutionises flexible seating.

Kepler Brooks Office Chair adjustability is enhanced by 4D adjustable armrests. These carbon fiber-padded armrests may be moved front to back, rotated left and right, and expanded or raised. They provide optimal support and adjustability to keep your arms comfortable and ergonomic.

This chair is ergonomically perfect. The large bucket seat with thigh protectors provides adequate comfort and thigh cushioning. The seat’s waterfall-like front edge relieves pressure on your lower thighs and calves, promoting a comfortable posture.

Kepler Brooks Office Chair prioritises head and lumbar support. Adjustable headrests provide neck and head relaxation. The hook also adjusts the lumbar support, letting you customise the chair’s fit.

This chair has a sliding seat with a lock. This clever feature aligns the chair’s backrest with your back for enhanced back support. It distributes weight over the seat, alleviating knee pressure. The seat sliding mechanism easily accommodates different heights and leg lengths.

Kepler Brooks Office Chairs are durable. Its nylon and glass fibre internal structure, aluminium base, and Class 4 piston make it durable. The chair’s durable structure lets you work without worrying about wear and tear.

Its 3-year warranty boosts its desirability. This assures buyers of its quality and shows the manufacturer’s trust.


  1. Ergonomic design for optimal comfort.
  2. Customizable recline positions.
  3. 4D adjustable armrests for arm support.
  4. Spacious seat with thigh guards for cushioning.
  5. Adjustable headrest and lumbar support.
  6. Sliding seat for better back support.
  7. Durable construction with warranty.
  8. Water and oil proof upholstery.


  1. PU leather upholstery.
  2. Occasional adjustments needed for sliding seat.

The NXTGEN MISURAA Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Office & Home Chair is a great budget office chair. This chair has many great features to help you find your ideal seated posture. The NXTGEN MISURAA chair is precision-made to last. Aluminium makes the frame strong. With 71 cm width and 68 cm depth, the chair is built for comfort. Seat height and depth are adjustable from 48 to 55 cm and 49 to 53 cm, respectively.

This chair’s adjustable lumbar support is notable. This chair is great for back pain or prevention. The contoured backrest supports the lower and mid-back, improving posture and minimising pain. The reclining feature lets you tilt the backrest or sit straight for all-day relaxation.

NXTGEN MISURAA chairs are high-quality. Its 140-kilogram weight limit shows its durability and adaptability.

This chair has breathable mesh. This chair eliminates foam and fabric to reduce heat and humidity from prolonged sitting. Even after long hours, the mesh backrest and seat keep you cool and comfortable. This feature lets you sit in the chair for long durations without sweating or feeling uncomfortable.

The chair doesn’t tilt forward, but most users don’t need it. The chair’s versatility makes up for this little drawback.


  1. Extensive adjustability for personalized comfort.
  2. Adjustable lumbar support and recline feature.
  3. High-quality construction with aluminum frame and nylon mesh.
  4. Breathable mesh design for cool and comfortable seating.
  5. Supports users up to 140 kilograms.
  6. Easy mobility with heavy-duty caster wheels.


  1. No forward seat tilt option.

The NXTGEN MISURAA Imported Criss Cross Mid Back Ergonomic Office and Home Chair is a great addition to any office, featuring a variety of features to improve comfort and support. This ergonomic office chair performs well and costs under 2000.

This chair’s mesh structure is notable. This chair has a mesh backrest and seat instead of foam and fabric. This revolutionary design reduces heat and humidity buildup by enabling cool air to circulate through the mesh, keeping you cool and comfortable even after long durations of sitting. This chair’s ventilation prevents sweaty backs and thighs.

The chair has high-quality fibre, steel framework, and fasteners. The parts were carefully imported to assure optimum performance, giving the chair a sturdy and long-lasting feel.

The pneumatic seating column, which adjusts chair height, feels solid. Its early performance is good, giving confidence in its ability to survive many modifications.

This chair is smooth, which makes movement easy. The lean-back and raise/lower mechanisms work flawlessly to help you find your ideal position. High-quality wheels allow smooth movement on carpeted and hard floors.

The chair’s big metal casting base outshines a fibre foundation. The chair’s lack of sharp edges makes it safe and comfortable for long-term use.

NXTGEN MISURAA Imported Criss Cross Mid Back Ergonomic Office and Home Chair lasts. Its dyecast aluminium base, and heavy-duty caster wheels capable of support 120kg. Premium components provide durability and fluid mobility, letting you glide across varied surfaces.

The chair has an unusual seat mechanism. The two-lever pull system lets you modify the seat height. It also lets you lock or unlock the back recline for more sitting control.

Its curving shape provides some comfort, but the chair lacks lumbar support. This may disappoint lumbar support seekers. The chair is comfortable for folks without lumbar support.

This chair has fixed arms. Some users may not mind, however others who like customised armrests may.


  1. Breathable mesh construction for cool and comfortable sitting.
  2. High-quality materials and sturdy build ensure durability.
  3. Smooth actions for easy height adjustment and recline.
  4. Premium metal casting base for an elegant look.
  5. No sharp edges for enhanced safety.
  6. Manufacturer offers low-priced spare parts for long-term support.


  1. No explicit lumbar support.
  2. Fixed armrests, not adjustable.

At a reasonable price, the Featherlite “Enzo” High Back Mesh Home & Office Ergonomic Chair is a great complement to any workspace. This executive revolving chair combines elegance, functionality, and durability for modern workers.

The Enzo chair’s Magnaflex Back Support technology stands out. Your lower back is supported by the back frame. The Magnaflex System allows the lower back to push forward at three levels. This function provides ideal comfort and relieves lower back pain, letting you focus on work.

The Enzo chair’s height-adjustable arms promote optimal posture. Arm height can be adjusted to get the best ergonomic position for every body height. This customising function ensures everyone’s comfort.

The Enzo chair’s adjustable headrest reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It supports the neck and shoulders, relieving office-related aches and pains. This function helps folks with demanding jobs avoid discomfort and focus on their work.

Ventilation and breathability are essential for daylong comfort, and the Enzo chair excels in these areas. Its IS 20D Mesh design provides ventilation and support. Even after long durations of sitting, this mesh material keeps you cool.

The Enzo chair is functional. The self-calibrate multilock mechanism automatically adjusts to your weight for optimal resistance. Reclining is straightforward, letting you discover the right position for leisure or concentrated work. The multilock mechanism’s smooth and balanced feel improves seating.

Any office chair needs stability and strength, which the Enzo chair delivers. The five nylon casters prevent friction and provide a high load capacity. This design promotes flexibility and performance, allowing you to move around your desk easily without losing stability.

The Enzo chair’s dimensions allow different body types. It offers comfortable seating with a seat depth of 440±10mm and a breadth of 505±10mm. The chair’s width and depth are 660×10mm, assuring stability. The lowest chair height is 1200±10mm and the highest is 1300±10mm, accommodating diverse users and preferences.

Enzo chairs also have a Class 4 pneumatic gas lift for convenient seat height adjustment. With a maximum weight load capability of 150 kgs, it can accommodate users of all sizes without compromising stability or durability

It’s easy to DIY install the Enzo chair. No need to employ professionals or waste time deciphering difficult instructions. The kit contains all tools and instructions, making assembly easy.

Featherlite’s 3-year guarantee covers manufacturing problems. Your investment is covered by this warranty.


  1. Excellent lower back support with Magnaflex system.
  2. Adjustable headrest for neck and shoulder relief.
  3. Enhanced ventilation with IS 20D Mesh.
  4. Smooth reclining with self-calibrate multilock mechanism.
  5. Stable and flexible with five nylon casters.
  6. Easy DIY installation.
  7. Effortless seat height adjustment.
  8. 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects.


  1. Only height-adjustable armrests.
  2. Large size may not suit smaller individuals.

The JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair offers great comfort and executive design at an affordable price. This chair’s many features assist a good sitting posture throughout the day.

Adjustable headrest height and angle make the JD9 chair stand out. This lets you customise the headrest for optimal head and neck support. This chair supports your complete spine with an adjustable lumbar support mechanism that fits your lower back.

The JD9 chair’s seat height and slide adjustment improve ergonomics. Increase lumbar support by adjusting seat depth. This adjustable seat slide helps maintain a 90-degree thigh-to-feet posture, improving blood circulation and leg strain.

The JD9 chair provides great arm support. The 2D armrest adjustment lets you modify arm height to support your elbows and forearms while typing or working at your desk. This alignment improves wrist and hand posture, prevents repetitive injuries, and boosts comfort and productivity.

The JD9 chair features a Nylon back and Korean mesh upholstery made of high-quality materials. Nylon mesh is chosen for its stretchability and durability, while the thick wire finish adds strength for daily usage. Energy-absorbing soft mesh fabric makes the seat comfy and reduces heat accumulation. This mesh seat’s ventilation keeps your hips and thighs cool and prevents rashes.

Nylon and glass fibre make the JD9 chair’s frame strong and durable. The five-prong steel base with Nylon castors provides stability and smooth mobility on varied floors. With a 150-kilogram weight limit, the heavy-duty gas lift adjusts seat height easily. It’s easy to assemble the chair without tools or equipment.

The JD9 chair has an executive look with a strong back. A 1-year limited manufacturer warranty protects your investment.


  1. Excellent ergonomic design with adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and seat slide.
  2. High-quality materials for durability.
  3. Energy-absorbing mesh upholstery for ventilation.
  4. 2D armrest adjustment for proper support.
  5. Easy assembly.
  6. Stylish solid back design.
  7. 1-year limited warranty.


  1. Seat slide adjustment is complex.

The JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair is a comfortable, adjustable workplace chair. This corporate spinning chair provides maximum comfort for extended desk hours. It’s a statement chair for your office with its elegant leather executive style and high-quality materials.

Its seven adjustable functions let you choose your seating posture. Replace discomfort with a chair that meets your needs.

The JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair combats heat and humidity for long-term sitters. This chair has breathable mesh back and seat instead of foam and fabric. This clever design circulates cold air to keep you cool and dry. This chair lets you sit for long periods without getting heated and uncomfortable.

This chair’s adjustable lumbar support and recline help your lower and midback. The contoured backrest provides extra support and reduces pain and discomfort. For ultimate comfort, you may easily transition between reclining and sitting erect.

JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chairs are durable. This durable chair can hold up to 150 kilogrammes. The nylon mesh seat, back, armrests, and adjustable headrests provide durability. The dyecast aluminium base and heavy-duty caster wheels make moving around your workspace easy on carpeted and hard flooring.

This chair’s mechanism is revolutionary. No more fiddling with tension knobs—the chair adjusts to each user’s weight and reclining demands. It makes working easy.

The S-curve backrest is ergonomic. It keeps your waist in an S-shape, preventing back strain. This smart design enhances comfort and supports good posture during the workday.

Seat depth adjustability is significant. This lets you find the right fit for various sitting positions and leg support. This chair accommodates upright and reclined postures.

The JD9 High Back Ergonomic Chair can handle up to 150 kilogrammes, making it suitable for a variety of users.


  1. Seven adjustable functions for personalized comfort.
  2. The breathable mesh design keeps you cool.
  3. Adjustable lumbar support for optimal back support.
  4. Durable materials for long-lasting use.
  5. Smooth mobility with heavy-duty caster wheels.
  6. The intelligent mechanism adjusts to each user.
  7. The ergonomic S-curve design prevents back pain.
  8. Seat depth adjustment for various sitting positions.
  9. High-weight capacity of up to 150kg.


  1. Only 1D armrest.

The Green Soul® Cosmos Premium Office Chair combines design, comfort, and functionality. This executive spinning chair is great for adults and professionals looking for a comfy office chair for around 20,000 rupees.

The ergonomic Cosmos chair provides maximum support and posture. The chair has a re-engineered class-3 gas lift for easy and customised height adjustment. The adjustable 1D PU lumbar support improves posture and workday comfort. The chair’s height- and angle-adjustable headrest provides neck support and prevents strain.

The High-density moulding foam cushion seat and breathable mesh material facilitate air circulation provide a cushy, supportive seat. The Cosmos chair provides all-day comfort so you can focus on work while answering emails, reviewing reports, or brainstorming with coworkers.

The Cosmos office chair is versatile. The Butterfly Tilt Mechanism lets you adjust seat tilt and tension from 90-135 degrees for maximum comfort and support. This chair accommodates both upright work and gently reclined breaks. The 360-degree swivel function makes moving around your workspace easy.

The Cosmos chair has a polyamide and GF nylon frame and breathable mesh. The nylon wheelbase and white nylon castors/wheels make moving across different floors easy. The chair’s 3D adjustable armrests support and move your arms, while the height-adjustable PU lumbar support relieves lower back pain from prolonged sitting. The chair’s DIY assembly allows you to assemble it in 60 minutes without tools.

The Green Soul® Cosmos Premium Office Chair can support up to 125 kilogrammes, making it perfect for many users. Its height range of 5 to 6 feet makes it suitable for anyone.

The Cosmos chair’s classic design fits any office or house. Its brilliant green colour brings a fresh, unique look to your desk.


  1. Ergonomic design with adjustable features for personalized comfort.
  2. High-density foam cushion seat and breathable mesh material for optimal comfort.
  3. Multi-functional chair with customizable seat angle and tension.
  4. Sturdy construction for durability.
  5. Easy DIY assembly.
  6. Maximum weight capacity of up to 125 kilograms.
  7. Stylish and timeless design.


  1. Maximum height suitability of 6 feet.

NNOWIN Henry High Back Ergonomic Office Chair, Comfortable Work From Home Desk Chair with 3D Adjustable Head Rest, Arms Rest, Lumber Support & Seat Slider, Exquisite Back Frame, Smart Multi Lo

The INNOWIN Henry High Back Ergonomic Office Chair is an affordable, comfortable, and functional ergonomic office chair. This chair enhances your work-from-home experience and provides all-day comfort with its many functions.

This executive revolving chair’s ergonomic lumbar support keeps your back aligned and supported during extended hours of sitting. Glass-filled nylon makes the chair’s mesh frame durable and breathable. Any office looks classy with the black frame and seat.

The 45-density foam-molded seat is pleasant. Its high back supports your upper body and relieves back and neck discomfort. Nylon 3D arms allow you to customise the chair’s armrest position.

The heavy-duty synchro anylock mechanism with a seat slider lets you adjust the chair’s tilt angle and seat depth for maximum comfort and support. Class 3 gas-lifts make seat height adjustments easy.

The user-friendly INNOWIN Henry chair is easy to assemble. It has simple assembly instructions. After assembly, the chair can support 120 kilogrammes, providing stability and durability for all body shapes.

Pulling out the handle reclines the chair, and pressing it back in locks it in place. This flexibility lets you strike the right mix between comfort and productivity throughout the day.

The chair’s silent casters preserve your floor and let you work without distraction. 60mm nylon castors make moving around your workspace easy.

The 1.18-inch-adjustable headrest is another feature. This tool lets you select the best neck and head support to reduce strain and discomfort.

INNOWIN Henry chair armrests adjust up and down 3.74 inches. This modification feature lets you discover your ideal arm position, decreasing fatigue and improving posture.

The chair’s back frame provides robust lumbar support and better spinal alignment when leaning back. This feature relieves back pain and helps you concentrate.

The chair has a 1.96-inch-adjustable lumbar pillow. This feature lets you customise the chair’s support for all-day comfort.

The INNOWIN Henry chair can support up to 120 kilogrammes, making it suitable for a variety of body types.


  1. Excellent ergonomic lumbar support.
  2. High-quality materials with a durable frame.
  3. Adjustable 3D arms and headrest.
  4. Versatile tilt and seat depth adjustment.
  5. Silent casters for smooth mobility.
  6. Easy assembly process.
  7. Maximum weight load capacity: 120 kg.


  1. Firm seating experience for those who prefer a softer feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my ergonomic chair uncomfortable?

There are several ways to fix ergonomic chair discomfort. First, ensure the chair fits. If not, you may need a new chair or professional adjustment. Second, adjust the chair. Adjust the seat height, backrest tilt, and lumbar support. Third, a chair built of low-quality materials may need to be replaced. Finally, if the chair is poorly designed, you may need to buy another or have it professionally changed.

How much should I spend on an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic seats cost ₹5,000– ₹60,000. Midrange alternatives about 15,000–25,000 Rs usually offer adequate comfort and support. High-end chairs above ₹50,000 have additional customisation and functionality.

If you sit for lengthy periods daily, invest in comfort and quality. Basic chairs may work for occasional use.

Try chairs in person. Seat height, armrests, lumbar support, etc. should fit your physique. Seat depth and backrest height matter.

Find breathable fabric, seat padding, and adjustable lumbar support. Avoid thinly cushioned chairs.

Check the chair’s smooth-rolling casters for the floor. Carpet-friendly casters are larger.

As chairs wear out, gas lifts, frames, armrests, etc. should have a 2–5year warranty. Featherlight and Cellbell offer warranties.

Assembly-required chairs cost less but need DIY skills. Preassembled chairs are simpler.

Give a good chair 25–50% of your workstation setup money. Long-term health and productivity investment.

What is the best angle for arms at a desk?

Working at a desk requires relaxed arms at your sides with elbows bent 90–120 degrees. This reduces neck, shoulder, and wrist strain. Specific arm angle tips:

Sitting straight, forearms should be parallel to the floor.

Elbows should be 70–90 degrees from the body. Avoid overreaching.

Straight wrists are neutral. Use a palm rest to straighten wrists.

Relax your upper arms. Don’t slouch your shoulders.

To avoid slouching and straining, raise your chair or use a footrest.

To avoid wrist extension, keep keyboard and mouse at the same height. Split keyboards align shoulders.

Adjust your work equipment with an articulating keyboard tray or monitor arm.

To reach the desk, sit a hand’s width away. Avoid overreaching.

Move to ease muscle tension. Gentle stretching helps.

Your ideal arm position may change over time. Reducing uncomfortable postures is crucial. Adjust as needed.

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