Faber Vs Hindware Chimney: Which is better for kitchen?

Having an efficient kitchen chimney in India is crucial to keep your kitchen free of smoke, grease and unwanted odors. With more and more homes opting for open kitchens, keeping your kitchen clean and smoke-free has become a necessity.

This has led to the growing popularity of chimneys in Indian households over the past few years. And when it comes to chimney brands in India, two big names stand out – Faber and Hindware.

But which is the best chimney brand in India when it comes to value for money? Which company offers better designed, more efficient and easy to maintain chimneys suited for Indian cooking conditions?

This exhaustive chimney review aims to I will provide the answers by comparing popular models from both brands across a range of important parameters.

Overview of Faber and Hindware Kitchen Chimneys

Faber is an Italian home appliances company specializing in kitchen hoods, chimneys and hobs for over 60 years. They have a range of curved glass, wall-mounted chimneys equipped with powerful motors and effective autoclean technologies.

On the other hand, Hindware is one of India’s leading kitchen appliances companies. They offer an extensive line-up of chimneys including wall-mount, island, built-in and corner models. Hindware uses European designs tailored for Indian kitchens.

Both companies offer decorative chimneys with great features. But which one consistently delivers the best performance and efficiency? Which is easier to maintain? And most importantly, which gives you more value for your hard-earned money?

Let’s compare them in detail:

Key Differences Between Faber and Hindware Kitchen Chimneys

Design and Build Quality

In terms of looks and aesthetics, both Faber and Hindware offer well designed chimneys but Faber chimneys tend to have better build quality with durable stainless steel bodies. Hindware brand chimneys use toughened tempered glass but some consumers have questioned their long term durability.

Most of the premium chimneys from Faber have a distinctive curved glass finish that lends a classy, elegant touch to your kitchen. Hindware offers both curved glass and straight/ pyramid kitchen chimneys. So in terms of design aesthetics, Faber seems to have an edge over Hindware.

Suction Capacity and Efficiency

One of the most important considerations while buying a chimney in India is identifying one with maximum suction capacity because that impacts how efficiently it removes smoke, heat dust and odors.

Here most Hindware (60cm) tend to offer higher suction capacity of 1200-1400 m3/hr compared to popular Faber models. However, a chimney’s suction depends also on the motor and fan installed which Faber designs specifically for Indian cooking needs.

So while chimneys from Hindware may have higher claimed suction capacity on paper, real world results between the two brands are often quite similar. Also higher airflow doesn’t always mean better filtration so you need to look at overall chimney performance.

In terms of smart features both offer good touch control panels, heat and smoke auto-sensors. But Faber Autoclean chimneys take technology up a notch with automated cleaning functionality. Their unique oil collector technology makes maintaining the chimney almost effortless.

So when it comes to efficient suction power and practical smart features, Faber kitchen chimneys are ahead of Hindware.

Noise Levels

Noise is a key consideration while installing a chimney at home, especially in open kitchens. You want a powerful chimney that works silently without making an annoying racket on high fan speeds.

Most premium chimneys from Faber are designed to be near silent with noise levels lower than 58dB. The curved glass design, integrated fan and thoughtful noise insulation all contribute to ultra low noise. This makes their chimneys perfect for open and designer kitchens.

Comparatively, noise levels are much higher on Hindware chimneys ranging from 55dB and going upto 70dB on the highest fan speed. So if a silent kitchen chimney is your main criteria, Faber beats Hindware hands down.

Filtration Technology Comparison

The filtration system is one of the most crucial factors that determines chimney performance. Let’s see how Faber and Hindware kitchen chimneys compare on the filtration technology used.

Faber uses baffle filters in most of its chimney models whereas Hindware predominantly uses cassette filters.

Baffle Filters

Baffle filters consist of a series of horizontal metal sheets with perforations arranged vertically and slanted at an angle within the chimney.

  • As air passes through the chimney, oil droplets, grease and dust particles get caught in the baffle filter sheets. This allows purified air to pass through the vents.
  • Baffle filters require manual cleaning once every 2-3 months by removing and soaking them in warm soapy water.

Cassette Filters

Cassette filters contain a mesh screen covered in a wavy metal sheet with tiny oil channels and holes for air ventilation.

  • The mesh traps grease and lint while the oil channels drain out excess oil from smoke back into the oil collector tray below.
  • Cassette filters need manual cleaning every month for optimal performance.

In terms of efficiency, both baffle and cassette filters are excellent in trapping grease, smoke particles and preventing the oil vapours from escaping the chimney.

Baffle filters are considered more durable as they last longer – usually 3-5 years compared to 2-3 years lifespan of cassette filters.

Both Faber and Hindware comes with activated carbon filters provide the added advantage of removing foul cooking odours by absorbing them.

After Sales and Maintenance

There’s little doubt that Faber India provides better after sales and maintenance services than Hindware based on customer reviews and complaints. Their executives provide quick support over calls and visits. Spare parts and filters are more easily available as well through Faber’s own website.

With Hindware getting service can be hit or miss based on your location. Plus their filters, fans and other internal parts may need replacement sooner than Faber chimneys based on reviews. Replacement availability is also limited for some chimney models.

So clearly Faber leads in terms of service quality and maintenance – an important factor for longevity and overall value.

Price and Warranty

Chimney prices vary widely from ₹7000 and upwards depending on size, design, features and suction capacity. In the mid-range segment, Hindware curved glass kitchen chimneys might seem attractively priced, sometimes even cheaper than equivalent Faber. However, Faber offers lucrative discounts occasionally bringing down prices.

More importantly, Hindware provides only 1 year comprehensive warranty compared to 2-3 years coverage by Faber. And their motors may not be quite as durable based on consumer complaints.

So while initially Hindware may seem cheaper, lack of durable motors requiring early part replacements can increase your overall costs compared to Faber chimneys with longer warranty coverage.

Cost Analysis of Faber vs Hindware Chimneys

Initial Price (60cm / 1000 m3/hr motor)₹12500*₹10500
Effective Suction Capacity1000 m3/hr1200 m3/hr
Warranty Period3 years1 year
Approx Cost for Service/Parts After Warranty Period₹2000 every 2 years₹3000 – 5000 annually
Total Cost Over 5 Years1450019,500

Clearly, the lower ownership costs and longer warranty offered on Faber chimneys compensates for their higher initial purchase price – making them more economical than Hindware models in the long run.

Now that I’ve compared both brands’ strengths and weaknesses, let’s look at:

In-Depth Review of Top Models From Faber and Hindware

Here are two top rated chimney models, one from each brand for comparison:

1. Faber 90 CM 1200 m3/hr Filterless chimney

I had the chance to test out the Faber 90 CM 1200 m3/hr Filterless chimney, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this kitchen chimney.

Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr, Autoclean Chimney installed in the wall

This Faber hood comes with some amazing features like Odour Sensor Technology which automatically adjusts the chimney’s speed based on the smoke in the kitchen. The multiple way Suction technology offers faster smoke removal than any other 90 cm chimney I’ve tried.

This Chimney has a suction capacity 1200 m3/hr, this fabulous Faber 90cm chimney effectively removes all traces of smoke and odor, making my kitchen smoke-free. It also has handy motion sensing so I can easily operate the chimney with a wave of my hand. The touch controls make operating this kitchen chimney smooth and effortless.

A Faber 90cm 1200 m3 per hr, Autoclean Chimney, a LED Light bliking in the middle and displaying touch control settings from 1 to 6.

I love that this chimney is filterless, eliminating the need for maintenance. Another thing I liked is that, its sleek curved glass design looks modern and stylish in my kitchen. The LED lighting illuminates my cooking area perfectly.

After testing some of the other chimney brands like Hindware and Elica, I can confidently say this Faber autoclean kitchen chimney is one of the best chimneys available in India right now. It makes keeping kitchen clean that I had so much easier with its excellent suction and auto clean features.

I would highly recommend this Faber 60cm auto-clean curved glass kitchen chimney to anyone looking for a powerful, hassle-free and efficient chimney for their kitchen. It’s totally worth the price, and the 12-year motor warranty provides great peace of mind. This Faber hood is sure to make your kitchen smoke-free and pleasant to cook in!

Key Features:

Suction Capacity: 1350 m3/hr
Size: 60 cm
Filters: Filterless technology
Auto Clean feature
Touch controls
Motion sensing
LED lighting
6-way suction technology
Odour sensor technology
Curved glass design
Noise Level: 58 dB
Warranty: 2 years comprehensive, 12 years on motor


  • Powerful 1350 m3/hr suction
  • Filterless, no maintenance
  • Auto clean feature
  • Motion sensing
  • LED lighting
  • Curved glass design
  • 12-year motor warranty


  • Expensive around ₹13,500
  • Confusing LED lighting
  • Curved glass needs careful cleaning

2. Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1350 m3/hr auto-clean Kitchen Chimney

I recently tested the Hindware Nadia 60 cm kitchen chimney and I must say, this is one of the best kitchen chimneys available today! As someone who does a lot of frying and cooking, I need a powerful kitchen chimney to keep my kitchen smoke-free. This auto-clean curved glass kitchen chimney from Hindware is the perfect solution with a !

Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1350 installed in the wall

This kitchen chimney has a suction of 1350 m3/hr, same as Faber, this autoclean chimney clears out smoke, odors and grease with ease. The filterless technology ensures optimal suction efficiency and the auto-clean feature is simply brilliant. With just a touch of a button, it cleans all the oil and residue from inside the chimney. I don’t have to put in any manual effort to keep my 60cm kitchen chimney spotless!

The user-friendly touch control panel makes operating this chimney super convenient. You can choose from multiple speed settings, including a turbo mode for those heavy cooking days. My favorite feature is the motion sensor – I just need to wave my hand to turn the chimney on or off! The dual LED lamps illuminate my cooktop beautifully at night.

The beautiful curved glass exterior looks elegant and modern in my kitchen. At 60 cm width, it’s a perfect fit for my kitchen size. The metallic oil collector traps all greasy residues from cooking efficiently.

Considering the excellent features, performance and good chimney brand like Hindware, I think this filterless auto clean chimney provides great value at the price point. The 1 year warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor give me peace of mind. I would highly recommend this chimney for Indian kitchens looking for the best kitchen chimney without investing too much! It helps keep your kitchen clean and smoke-free with minimum effort.


Suction Capacity: 1350 m3/hr
Size: 60 cm
Auto Clean: Yes
Touch Control: Yes
Lamps: Dual LED
Filter Type: Filterless
Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on motor
Noise: 58 dB
Oil Collector: Metallic
Design: Curved Glass


  • Powerful suction
  • Auto-clean
  • Touch controls
  • Stylish design
  • Metallic oil collector
  • Good warranty
  • Silent chimney: around 58 dB


  • Curved glass needs careful cleaning
  • Noise

So if you prioritize power and looks over anything else including service quality, the Hindware Nadia curved glass chimney is worth considering among appliances chimney brands in India.

Both chimneys available in the market

Final Verdict Hindware vs Faber Chimney: Which is the Best Kitchen Chimney in India?

Pick a chimney extensively from real efficiency and noise levels to ownership costs – Faber comes out well ahead as the best chimney brand in India. Their products better meet the demands of Indian kitchens.

While Hindware may seem attractive with lower prices and higher claimed suction capacities – the overall experience offered by Faber chimneys is superior. Deciding Faber or Hindware chimney is a tough job, From top-class silent operations to thoughtfully designed automated features, durable parts and easy maintenance – they deliver better reliability that enhances longevity.

And investing in a more reliable chimney like Faber pays off over the years through their value-added long warranty and affordable maintenance. So if your budget allows, choosing a Faber kitchen chimney is undoubtedly the wiser decision for a smoke and odor free kitchen.


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