Blue Star Vs Voltas Split AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star: 7 Key Differences

If you are looking to buy a 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC for your home this summer, two brands you can be considering are Blue Star and Voltas ACs. As leading air conditioner brands in India, both offer high-efficiency split ACs packed with features.

But Blue Star or Voltas AC – which is better for your needs? I have tested both AC models in-depth and here is an extensive feature-by-feature comparison on aspects like cooling capacity, energy savings, smart connectivity, noise levels, and more.

Here is a comparison table of the key features of the Blue Star Vs Voltas Split AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star:

Bottom Line
Compressor Type
Cooling Coils
Cooling Modes
Special Coatings
Anti-dust Filter
Annual Energy Consumption
Warranty (product/compressor)
Noise level
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split AC
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Smart Split AC
2024 Model, IC518YNURS
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Bottom Line
Feature-rich and energy-efficient air conditioner.
Voice control
Wi-Fi enabled
5-in-1 convertible cooling
30.8 dB noise level
17060 BTU
Suitable for large rooms
Paid installation
Compressor Type
Cooling Coils
Cooling Modes
5 in 1 convertible cooling
Special Coatings
Blue Fins
Anti-dust Filter
Annual Energy Consumption
770.98 units (Approx)
Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, Remote Control
Warranty (product/compressor)
1 year / 10 years
Noise level
31 dB
Voltas Vectra elite 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC
Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC
2023 Model,185V Vectra Elite
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Bottom Line
Fast cooling & Clean air
Turbo cooling mode
Anti-dust filter
Remove dust and allergens
Stabilizer free operation
Cools even at 52 degree Celsius
Paid installation
No horizontal swing
Compressor Type
Cooling Coils
Cooling Modes
4-in-1 adjustable mode
Special Coatings
Anti-dust and anti-corrosive coating
Anti-dust Filter
Annual Energy Consumption
850 units (Approx)
Remote Control
Warranty (product/compressor)
1 year / 10 years
Noise level
48 dB

In case you are in a hurry, here is quick comparison, the distinction between the Blue Star and Voltas air conditioners is that the Blue Star offers better flexibility when it comes to cooling. The Blue Star convertible 5 in 1 split AC provides cooling options convertible to five modes, allowing to change the modes according to needs. Voltas Inverter Split AC offering a 4-in-1 adjustable cooling capacity, which is something very unique and could be adjusted from 20% to 120%. Both the ACs are energy efficient with BEE rating of 5-star and use inverter compressor for the operation which is variable in speed based on the heat load. The other feature that the AC comes with is self-diagnosis for better maintenance and 10 years warranty on the compressor and 5 years on the PCB. The warranty for Voltas compressors is ten years. In respect of cooling adjustability and flexibility the Blue Star Convertible 5 in 1 Inverter Split AC wins.

Key Similarities Between Blue Star and Voltas ACs

While there are some differences which I will cover next, Blue Star and Voltas ACs do have some commonalities in terms of core technology and functionality:

Inverter Compressor

An inverter compressor is present on both models. This regulates operation based on heat load and results in higher electricity savings compared to fixed-speed compressors. This technology is ideal for areas with frequent power cuts.

1.5 Ton Capacity

With a 1.5 ton capacity, both AC units are best suited to provide effective cooling for room sizes from 111 to 150 square feet. For context, a master bedroom or living room is typically within this size range.

Copper Condenser Coil

The condenser coil plays a vital role in heat dissipation during the AC’s cooling process. Both brands use copper coils rather than aluminum, ensuring better cooling, lower maintenance, and longevity of the air conditioner.

Sleep Mode

Both brand have provides the useful sleep mode functionality which alters temperature and fan speed through the night for ideal comfort without getting too cold. It helps save power too.

Ambient Temperature Functioning

Blue Star and Voltas split ACs utilize refrigerants and internal mechanisms designed to operate in peak Indian summers where temperatures can range from 10°C to 48°C.

Basic Remote Control Functions

You get a remote control with both the air conditioner models to tweak basic settings like cooling modes, fan speeds, temperature, timers, and air flow direction control through vertical louvers.

Air Filtration System

Both AC models come equipped with basic air filters that trap dust and other airborne particles to deliver cleaner cooled air.

Self-Diagnosis Capability

The Blue Star and Voltas units have in-built self-diagnosis functionality. This allows the AC to detect errors or faults and show the respective code, facilitating quicker maintenance and troubleshooting.

Key Differences Between Blue Star and Voltas ACs

Now let’s explore how Voltas AC and Blue Star AC differ in terms of some principal features, performance metrics and operational parameters:

01. Energy Efficiency Ratings

AC ModelBEE Star RatingAnnual Electricity ConsumptionISEER Value
Blue Star IC518YNUR5-star770.98 units5.02
Voltas 185V Vectra Platina5-star850 units5

While both air conditioners have the current maximum 5-star BEE rating, the Blue Star AC consumes nearly 80 units lesser power annually.

It also has marginally better energy efficiency as evident from its higher ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) value of 5.02 vs 5.00 for the Voltas model.

Smart functions further augment savings since features like scheduling, temperature customization etc when used judiciously can reduce unnecessary AC runtime while delivering comfort on demand.

02. Noise Levels

AC ModelNoise Level (Indoor)Noise Level (Outdoor)
Blue Star IC518YNUR33 dB54 dB
Voltas 185V Vectra Platina41 dB56 dB

Blue Star AC runs quieter than the Voltas AC by 9 dB indoors and exterior noise is lower by 2 dB as well.

For indoor units, sound less than 35dB allows for comfortable conversation, so Blue Star meets that benchmark when running whereas Voltas operates closer to refrigerator hum levels.

03. Connectivity and Smart Functions

AC ModelConnectivity OptionsSmart FunctionsCompatible Devices
Blue Star IC518YNURSmart Ready (adapter needed)Scheduling, control via appAlexa, Google Assistant
Voltas 185V Vectra PlatinaNo smart featuresNANA

The Blue Star AC is “Smart Ready” so you can add connectivity through an adapter and integrate functionalities like remote operation, scheduling, ambient temperature monitoring etc via mobile apps and smart speakers.

Voltas AC currently does not offer smart capabilities or connectivity functions.

04. Stabilizer-Free Operation

AC ModelHandles Voltage Fluctuations Up ToNeeds External Stabilizer
Blue Star IC518YNUR270VYes, beyond 300V
Voltas 185V Vectra Platina285VNo

The Voltas split AC delivers stabilizer-free performance within a high voltage fluctuation range between 110V – 285V.

The Blue Star AC requires an external stabilizer if voltage exceeds 300V. It only handles variations between 140V to 270V by itself.

05. ISEER Value

As discussed earlier, the Blue Star AC has an ISEER rating of 5.02 while the Voltas model has a figure of 5.0. Now higher ISEER values signify better energy savings, so in this aspect the Blue Star unit inches ahead.

However, do note that a mere 0.02 lead may not make a significant difference if not running the AC for several hours daily. But Blue Star does demonstrate slightly more proficient design overall to achieve higher energy efficiency.

06. Display Units

ModelDisplay PanelRemote Control DisplayExtra Display Features
Voltas 185V Vectra PlatinaLarge bright LEDLCD with backlightDual temperature display
  • The Blue Star AC incorporates a standard LED display panel whereas Voltas has a large brightly lit LED panel.
  • While remote displays are both LCD types, only Voltas remote has useful extras like temperature readout and backlight.

So when it comes to display units providing operating insights, user convenience during operation through remote control is better in the Voltas AC.

07. Cooling Modes

AC ModelCooling ModesMode Descriptions
Blue Star IC518YNUR5 modes, (High Fan, High Cool, Standard, Low Fan and Low Cool)Adjusts fan speed & compressor operation
Voltas 185V Vectra Platina4 operating modes, (100%, 75%, 50%, 0%)Changes percentage cooling capacity

The Blue Star Convertible AC offers 100% fixed-speed cooling along with specialized modes to reduce fan or compressor operation for light, personalized cooling.

The Voltas AC enables users to switch between different cooling percentages through one-touch mode selection. This allows matching cooling output to room heat load.

So while Voltas provides adjustable tonnage flexibility, the Blue Star model focuses modes on moderating fan or compressor functioning only.

Which 1.5 Ton AC Is Better for 150 Square Feet Room?

Now for the crucial question – if you specifically need the best 1.5 ton AC for a 150 square feet bedroom or living room, should you buy Voltas or Blue Star AC?

My evaluation leads me to recommend the Blue Star as the ideal 5 star AC for following reasons:

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Smart Split AC model installed in a wall

1) Superior Cooling Customization
Blue Star’s convertible cooling modes that alter fan & compressor independently provide superior temperature adjustment control for 150 sq ft room sizes. Optimized cooling translates to energy savings too.

2) Lower Noise
Indoor and outdoor noise levels are lower in the Blue Star AC across operating modes. Quieter performance is perfect for bedrooms or living spaces.

3) Greater Energy Efficiency
With advanced design, the Blue Star AC boasts 80 unit lower annual consumption figures according to brand specifications, cementing its energy savings credibility.

4) Smart Readiness
The Blue Star model can evolve with smart AC trends, whereas current Voltas AC lacks that future-proofing capability.

So with tangibly better cooling flexibility, quieter performance and potential for smart functionality, the Blue Star convertible inverter AC gets my vote as the ideal AC choice for 150 square feet interior spaces.

Maintenance Requirements

On the maintenance front, thanks to adoption of inverter compressors and copper coils, both Voltas and Blue Star ACs require low periodic upkeep. Only air filter cleaning every few weeks is advised.

The self-cleaning of inverter ACs negates need to wash condensers annually too. And copper coils minimize corrosion or leaks versus cheaper aluminum coils.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC 2023 Model,185V Vectra Elite model installed in a wall

For Blue Star ACs, users have appreciated inclusion of “Blue Fin” anti-corrosive coating on the outdoor unit as it enhances durability and prevents rusting due to humidity or coastal climates.

So whether its Voltas warranty or Blue Star anti-corrosion shielding, both air conditioner models provide their own long term reliability advantages.

Final Verdict – Blue Star or Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC?

Analyzing multiple functional and technical parameters around cooling, efficiency, features and value, here is my concluding recommendation:

The Blue Star Convertible Inverter Split AC is the best 1.5 ton 5 star AC to buy for the following key reasons:

1) Greater Cooling Flexibility
With 5 customizable modes smartly adjusting compressor & fan speeds, I found Blue Star offers superior real-time cooling personalization for maximum comfort.

2) Quieter Operation
Lower indoor (2 dB less) and outdoor noise (also 2 dB less) allow relaxing operation in bedrooms and living spaces without constant hum.

3) Higher Energy Efficiency
ISEER value of 5.02 and over 10% lower annual consumption proves Blue Star’s energy optimization capability. Smart features can further bolster savings.

4) Future Proofing
With smart readiness built-in, Blue Star provides a connectivity upgrade path for remote monitoring/control as modern living demands evolve.

However, for buyers wanting stabilizer-free operation, the Voltas Inverter Split AC also presents a compelling value proposition:

1) Adjustable Cooling Capacity
The ability to toggle between varying tonnage output between 50% to 100% allows some flexibility to account for dynamic localized heat loads.

2) Stabilizer-Free Operation
Wider 140V to 285V fluctuation handling delivers reliable cooling without needing external voltage stabilizers.

3) Large LED Display
Brighter, more visible LED unit along with remote LCD readout offers user convenience.

4) 10 Year Assured Compressor Life
A decade long warranty on the heart of the AC, inspires confidence in unit’s longevity.

So in summary, while the Blue Star air conditioner edges ahead overall for performance, customization and efficiency criteria crucial for the 150 square feet room size asked about, the Voltas AC still has merits around stabilization, LED display and compressor warranty that makes it a compelling alternative based on user priorities.

I hope my detailed technical comparison of 1.5 ton Blue Star vs Voltas AC models has provided you the insight needed to decide the ideal AC that will fulfill your expectations.

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