6 Best Water Purifier with TDS Controller in India 2024

Imagine moving into a new home in a city like Delhi or Mumbai. You’re thrilled to finally have your own space. Or recently the municipal water supply has become more polluted, with higher TDS levels and an unpleasant odor. Your old water purifier without TDS control is not able to handle the deterioration in water quality. When you turn on the kitchen tap, out comes water that is smelly, salty and leaves white stains on your stainless-steel cookware. Boiling it just concentrates the foul taste. You think of ordering bottled water but don’t want the cost and plastic waste. The solution? Investing in a quality water purifier with TDS controller. This allows you to remove the excessive TDS making the water unsafe, while retaining some essential minerals for healthy and tasty drinking water. So, today in this I will review some of the Water Purifier with TDS Controller in India. But before that a question arises- Why You Should Consider a Water Purifier with TDS Controller. Let’s dive into it.

Why You Should Consider a Water Purifier with TDS Controller

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. It is a measure of the total amount of dissolved salts and inorganic materials present in water. A high TDS level indicates hard water which has excessive dissolved salts like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, sulfates etc.

While essential minerals are needed in healthy water in moderate quantities, consuming water with very high TDS levels can lead to:

  • Unpleasant taste and Odor making water unpalatable
  • Scaling in water pipes, fittings and appliances due to hardness causing reduced lifespan
  • Increased soap/detergent usage as they do not lather properly in hard water
Manual TDS Controller Adjustable Switch for Kent wiith RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller

Water purifiers with built-in TDS controllers are designed to remove the excess salts and minerals from water to make it safe and tasty for daily consumption. They work by monitoring the TDS level of potable water and allowing adjustment of mineral content to achieve the desired TDS standard for optimized clean and safe drinking water.

Benefits of getting a water purifier with automatic TDS controller:

  • Removes excess TDS and makes water safe for drinking
  • Allows setting the optimal TDS level tailored as per your source water quality
  • Improves taste and palatability by reducing hardness and salinity
  • Enhances flavour of beverages and food preparations like tea, coffee, soups etc.
  • Protects water fixtures and appliances from scale buildup extending their life
  • Essential for health as it helps avoid issues linked to intake of hard water over time
  • Provides better soap lathering and requires less usage of detergent

For the average Indian household dependent on municipal tap water supply, investing in a water purifier with TDS regulation capability has become highly beneficial considering the deteriorating water quality in cities. It provides healthy water for all your drinking and cooking needs.

How Does a TDS Controller in Water Purifiers Work?

The TDS controller works in conjunction with the primary water purification technology in a water purifier. Here is a brief overview of the tds controller diagram and working principle:

  • The input water first goes through a pre-filter or sediment filter which removes visible dirt, mud, chlorine and large particulate matter.
  • It then passes through the main purification technology which could be RO membrane, UV disinfection system or UF membrane. This removes heavy metals like arsenic, fluoride, pesticides, microbes, viruses and the majority of dissolved salts and impurities.
  • The water coming out of this purification stage is very low in TDS since essential minerals get removed too in the process. The TDS at this point may be as low as 5-50 ppm.
  • Before delivering the water to the storage tank, it flows past the TDS controller. Based on the desired TDS setting, the TDS controller releases a calculated concentration of essential dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium back into the water.
  • This helps re-mineralize the water to the preset optimal TDS level. For instance, adding minerals to increase TDS from 50 ppm to 200 ppm for drinking purpose.
  • The treated water with the adjusted TDS is then stored in the tank for consumption.

TDS Controller adjusts mineral levels after primary purification

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Purifier with TDS Controller

With many options available from brands like Kent, Livpure, HUL, AO Smith etc. choose your water purifier TDS controller carefully based on factors like:

  • Filtration Technology – Common types are RO+UV, RO+UV+UF, and RO+UV+UF with Mineralizer. Choose as per your input water quality. RO+UV+UF gives the most thorough purification.
  • Quality of Filters – The quality, expected life and filtration capability of pre-filters, RO membrane and post-filters is important for effective purification.
  • TDS Adjustment Range – The TDS controller should allow adjusting TDS from as low as 50 ppm to up to 2000 ppm levels or higher for flexibility.
  • Purification Capacity – Higher liters/day is better for households with greater water requirements. Choose minimum 10-12 liters/hr.
  • Purification Stages – More stages with pre and post filters ensures thorough contaminant removal for 100% safe water.
  • Convenience Features – Look for features like tankless operation, automatic start/stop, water level indicator, leak protection, filter change alarms etc. for ease of use.
  • After Sales Service – Choose purifiers from reputed brands like Kent, Livpure etc. that provide installation support and maintenance services.
  • Certifications – Look for certifications like ISI, CE, NSF that validate quality standards and safety.
  • Warranty – Opt for at least 1 year comprehensive warranty covering entire system.

Reviews of the Top 6 Water Purifiers with TDS Controller in India 2024

Here are in-depth reviews of some of the best water purifier with TDS controller from top brands available in the Indian market:


Aquaguard Aura RO+UV+UF+Taste Adjuster(MTDS) with Active Copper & Zinc 7L water purifier

Aquaguard Aura water dispenser with plastic cover installed in a wall

I settled on the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura water purifier after a lot of research, which is a combination of reverse osmosis system with UV+UF+Taste Adjuster(MTDS) with Active Copper. First position goes to this automatic TDS controller water purifier!!

The purification stages this system has impressed me so much. It has multiple purification process that includes Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet Purification, Ultra Filtration, and MTDS Technology to effectively removes poisonous substances such as lead, mercury, arsenic, viruses, and bacteria, produces safe and clean water, handle TDS Upto 2000 PPM making it suitable for borewells and municipal water. One of the remarkable features of this unit is the Activated Copper+Zinc Booster Technology, which introduces copper and zinc ions, plus minerals into the water for improved taste. The Copper and Zinc Booster is nice because it offers essential minerals for the immune system. The Mineral Guard Technology also allows some healthy water such as calcium and magnesium to stay within the body. It is important for me to get these vital minerals in water.

This ro+uv water purifier can treat water from multiple sources and so it can perform a role of borewell water purifier, municipal water purification system, and tanker water treatment. This means that I am assured that my water will be purified no matter the source as I know that this machine can work with tds up to 2000 ppm, suitable for borewell and municipal.

There is also the spacious 7-litre tank, LED indicators, wall mounting, and transparent tank. It is a big plus to the company as it claims 60% Water Saving compared to other purifiers. This water purifier water is safe for consumption I would definitely recommend for anyone seeking the latest purification technologies and a mineral retention.

Key Features:

Purification Technology: RO + UV + UF + Taste Adjuster (MTDS)
7-liter storage tank
8-stage purification process
TDS Removal: Up to 2000 PPM
UV e-boiling Technology: Equal to 20 mins regular boiling
Mineral Retention: Calcium, Magnesium via Mineral Guard
Copper & Zinc Infusion: Via Active Copper+Zinc cartridge
Taste Adjustment: Based on water source via MTDS
LED Indicators: Power, Tank Full, Service
Tank Type: Transparent
Installation: Wall-mount or tabletop
Dimensions: 31.6 x 25.1 x 46.2 cm
Input Water Sources: Municipal, Borewell, Tanker
Output Water Recovery: 20-30%
Material: Food-grade plastic
Warranty: 1 year on entire machine
What I Like
  • 8-stage purification
  • Taste adjustment
  • Mineral retention
  • Copper & zinc infusion
  • 7L capacity
  • LED indicators
  • Transparent tank
  • Flexible installation
  • 2000 PPM TDS handling
What I Dislike
  • Pricing
  • Filter costs
  • Water wastage
Purchase Now

Aquaguard Aura RO+UV+UF+Taste Adjuster(MTDS)

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KENT Supreme Alkaline RO Water Purifier

KENT Supreme Alkaline RO Water Purifier with attached hose unboxed

Being a healthy person at all times, I am looking for products that will contribute to my success. Thus when I had the chance to encounter a KENT Elegant Alkaline RO Water Purifier, I was fascinated by its many filtration steps and alkaline water production features. I have used this purifier for about a few weeks now and I must say it keeps to its promises!

Using the Mineral RO Technology makes it retain the essential minerals and eliminate impurities. This system provides me with a delicious mineral alkaline water, whose pH is up to 9.5. I have realized the water from this Alkaline RO Water Purifier tastes so much better than plain RO water. The alkaline quality helps to regulate body pH, boosts immunity and lowers acidity – all things I had hoped an alkaline water purifier will do to me!

This water purifier designed with multiple purification processes for water such as water with tds. However, this total approach gives me a reassurance to know the water is free from bacteria, viruses, arsenic, rust, pesticides and other dissolved impurities. The other thing that I like is the UV LED light inside the 8L storage tank which also guarantees that the water is germ free.

Key Features:

RO membrane and advanced UF
Mineral RO retains essential minerals
Produces alkaline water with pH up to 9.5
8L tank with UV LED disinfection
15 LPH flow rate
Automatic TDS control
Electric cord, auto operation
Wall-mountable white design
Comes with free 4 years of free service
What I Like
  • Multiple purification processes
  • Retains essential minerals
  • Produces alkaline water (pH up to 9.5)
  • 8L tank with UV disinfection
  • 15 LPH flow rate
  • Automatic TDS control
  • 4 years free service
What I Dislike
  • Large wall-mount unit
  • Noise during water dispensing
  • AMC
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KENT Supreme Alkaline RO Water Purifier

Sample content


Bepure 4G Hot & Cold Water Purifier RO+UV+UF+TDS+ Alkaline Purification

This 8-stage purifier combines reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ultrafiltration, and TDS purification to reduce contaminants from water with up to 3000ppm TDS. During my testing, it effectively brought down the TDS level of my tap water from 2500 ppm to under 156 ppm – making it safe for drinking. The pre-filter catches large particles before they can damage internal components.

Bepure 4G Hot & Cold Alkaline Water Purifier installed wall mounted

I have found, it offers alkaline pH water output between 7.5 and 8.5, my previous purifier’s had offered acidic 6.5 pH water, the Bepure’s mineral-balanced alkalinity tastes significantly smoother and more refreshing. I have noticed less acid reflux since switching as well.

Many comparable purifiers struggle with TDS levels over 2000ppm. But, this water purifier intelligently monitors the water and removes impurities while retaining healthy minerals.

The instant hot water dispenser eliminated my daily ritual of boiling water. With adjustable temperature up to 90°C, I can enjoy a soothing cup of tea or baby safe water at the push of a button. Another good thing I have found, its smart LED panel immediately alerts me when the tank is full or water needs heating.

Here the Bepure 4G excels with an average annual filter replacement cost of ₹2500. Compared to other brands like Kent, Aquaguard & AO Smith charging upwards of ₹4000 for yearly maintenance, this model provides significant long-term savings. The filter change indicator takes the guesswork out of when to swap cartridges.

I have tested for tackling high TDS levels up to 2500 ppm. The 8-stage filtration produces mineral-rich alkaline water with minimal contaminants. And features like the automatic TDS adjuster, hot water dispenser, and low maintenance, I am happy to have in my list.

Key Features:

8-stage purification
3000ppm TDS control
Auto TDS adjustment
Alkaline pH water
Instant hot water dispenser
LED indicators
Low annual maintenance cost
RO + UV + UF filtration
Pre-filter protects membranes
Temperature up to 90°C
Tank full indicator
Purification process indicator
Heating indicator
Filter change indicator
What I Like
  • Handles 3000ppm TDS
  • Auto TDS adjustment
  • Alkaline pH water
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Low maintenance cost
What I Dislike
  • Expensive
  • Can not dispense water without electricity
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Bepure 4G pH Hot & Cold Alkaline

KENT Grand Plus RO Water Purifier

Over the years I have also tried several water purifiers, and I was excited to get a hands-on experience with the new KENT Grand Plus, a world-class ro membrane and advanced water saving feature. I have always been one of KENT’s long-term customers, and I like the innovative water purification techniques they use. This latest model has multiple purification processes which include ro+uv+uf+mineral+tds controller to eliminate multiple impurities and contaminants from water and restore taste of your water.

KENT Grand Plus Table top installation with faucet water connection

Its automatic TDS Control system is its main selling point. This makes adjustment of TDS levels in purified water easier to retain some important natural minerals for better drinking experience. This was quite an important feature for me since I like to take some minerals with my drinking water. The RO with TDS controller removes extra TDS, leaving just the right amount.

I liked another technology in this context: Zero Water Wastage system. The booster pump circulates the rejected water in the RO purification process from the overhead tank back again. This reduces unnecessary water losses during the purification process. Such innovations are the need of the day during the era of water scarcity.

Grand Plus filters water with essential natural minerals in 9 liters large storage tank ensures with natural minerals. The water remains pure for long periods due to an inbuilt UV LED light in the tank that facilitates disinfection.

KENT Grand Plus RO Mounted in the wall

I liked the wall-mounted style in that I am a person that loves space-saving designs hanging on wall. KENT’s free installation service made installation of the appliances easy and efficient. The KENT Grand Plus has a 20 liter per hour purification capacity and it is able to supply water to a medium-sized family of 4-6 members in India.

Key Features

Multiple stages of purification: RO + UV + UF + TDS Control
Automatic TDS controller
Zero wastage technology
UV LED tank protection
Wall-mounted design
9L large storage tank
20L/hr purification capacity
4-year free service
UV LED tank disinfection
Free installation
For domestic use
Removes impurities, bacteria, viruses
ABS food-grade plastic
What I Like
  • System that ensures clean water
  • TDS control retains minerals
  • No water wastage
  • Large storage capacity
  • Wall-mounted and table top installation
  • Ideal for Indian homes
  • Improve taste of your drinking water
  • UV purification
What I Dislike
  • Expensive
  • Slow purification rate
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KENT Grand Plus RO Water Purifier

Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier

Havells Max Alkaline is another water purifier in our list of tested products. I tested this water purifier for a few weeks, what I found is that you’ll appreciate the combination of innovative technologies for thorough water purification.

Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier wall installed wall mounted

Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier employs RO+UV+Alkaline filtration, water purifier with advanced feature . It has a portable design that makes it ideal for fitting in small spaces. But the unique thing about it is that it has a patented corner mounting design allowing flexible ways of installation.

This water purifier uses a 6-step purification process with RO, UV, and Alkaline filters to improve water quality. The Alkaline filtration is important in that it adds minerals, boosts pH levels and reduces ORP making water antioxidant-rich and delicious. The water was soft, sweet, and refreshing after treating with Alkaline.

The innovative water treatment of this RO purifier is the iProtect purification monitoring system for real time checks and transparency. One can also track water levels easily with the help of the transparent 7L tank.

Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier has an Electrical Protection System to protect against voltage fluctuations. This was very reassuring to me as electrical safety in water purifiers is a key factor. These included TDS monitors and verification codes for improved purification and transparency.

This Alkaline Water Purifier is the best option as it has flexible installation options, compact design, thorough 6-stage purification technology, alkaline filtration process, ability to improve the quality of water as well as electrical safety features.

Key Features:

Corner mounting design
7-stage RO+UV purification
Adds Cu, Zn, alkaline, minerals
7L transparent tank
Alkaline taste enhancer
Compact 3-way mounting
iProtect monitoring
Electrical Protection System
Product authentication code
Corner mounting design
7-stage RO+UV purification
Adds Cu, Zn, alkaline, minerals
7L transparent tank
Alkaline taste enhancer
Compact 3-way mounting
iProtect monitoring
Electrical Protection System
Product authentication code
What I Like
  • Flexible installation
  • Thorough 7-stage purification
  • Enhances taste and minerals
  • Easy water level monitoring
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Purification monitoring
  • Electrical safety features
What I Dislike
  • Only 7 L Water storage
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Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier

Livpure Envy Alkaline RO+UV+UF+Smart TDS Adjuster+Alkaliser Water Purifier

Livpure Envy Alkaline wall mounted

Having tested this water purifier for three months now, I can confidently say the Livpure Envy Alkaline RO+UV+UF purifier is one of the most advanced and efficient water purification systems available today. With its innovative 7-stage filtration process, this purifier effectively removes harmful contaminants while retaining essential minerals – transforming any water source into fresh, clean, and healthy alkaline water.

Studies show that the average household taps can contain over 2,000 contaminants. The Livpure Envy confronts this challenge through a combination of sediment filtration, activated carbon block filtration, RO membrane technology, UV disinfection, ultrafiltration, alkaline mineralization, and silver-infused post carbon filtration. This 7-stage process efficiently eliminates sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and more from water.

In fact, in my test I have found, it control the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), removes 99% of pathogens, 99.99% of pesticides, and over 98% of heavy toxic metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. The UV technology alone disinfects over 99.99% of disease-causing microorganisms like E. coli and cholera. These stats give me great peace of mind knowing the water is truly purified.

At the same time, the Livpure Envy uniquely restores the water’s natural mineral content through a re-mineralization process. This produces perfectly pH balanced alkaline water, which neutralizes acidity for better hydration. I’ve noticed my energy and digestion improve since regularly drinking the antioxidant alkaline water this purifier produces.

The smart TDS adjuster allows you to customize the mineral content as desired. The storage tank can hold up to 8 liters of purified water at once. With a 15 liter per hour purification capacity, the Livpure Envy delivers all the clean water a household needs. The wall mount saves counter space, and the water can be dispensed without electricity as required.

Key Features:

7-stage purification
Alkaline antioxidant technology
Smart TDS adjuster
Silver-infused filter
8L tank
15L/hr purification
For all water sources
1 year warranty
What I Like
  • 7-stage purification
  • Adds minerals
  • Custom mineralization
  • Enhances taste
  • 8 L Capacity
  • Dispense water without electricity
What I Dislike
  • Slow purification rate
  • Wall mounting required
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Livpure Envy Alkaline

Water Purifier Buying Guide

Here are some tips to help choose the right reverse osmosis technology water purifier with TDS controller as per your requirements:

  • Test your water quality to determine TDS level and contamination. This will help decide on RO, UV, UF or combination system.
  • For municipal tap water supply, a TDS under 200 ppm is good. Increasing to 500-1500 ppm is optimal. For borewell/tanker supply, ideal TDS is 150-300 ppm.
  • Pick a purifier with at least 50-80 liters per day capacity for a family of 4-5 members. Go for higher 10-12 liters/hr models for larger households.
  • Installation near a drain point is needed for RO purifiers to release the wastewater.
  • Calculate your daily water requirement and pick right tank size. 5L is good for small family.
  • Ensure all pre and post filters are included. Mineral enhancement filter is ideal.
  • Choose purifiers with auto-start, auto-stop, water level sensors for convenience.
  • Pick models with filter change alarms and indictors to know when replacement is due.
  • Change filters and service the purifier regularly as per manufacturer. This maintains performance.
  • Keep an eye on the TDS level using a TDS meter.
  • When purchasing, check for certifications like ISI, CE, NSF for safety assurance.
  • Opt for comprehensive 1 year or more warranty and support plan for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I set the right TDS level on my purifier?

A. Check your input water’s TDS first. For municipal tap water, set around 500-600 ppm. For borewell/tanker water set between 150-250 ppm. Adjust up or down per taste.

Q. What is the ideal TDS for drinking water?

A. WHO recommends TDS under 500 ppm. For best taste, set between 150-300 ppm for RO, or 500-1000 ppm for tap water feed.

Q. Does TDS controller reduce water flow rate?

A. Yes, adding a TDS controller results in a 10-15% reduction in output, which is acceptable. The mineralization process takes time leading to slight slower flow.

Q. How do I maintain the TDS controller?

A. Very little maintenance is needed. Just ensure the controller is kept clean by wiping it periodically. Check if it’s functioning via the display readings. Replace batteries if using a standalone unit.

Q. When should the TDS controller be serviced? A. TDS controllers are fairly robust and would rarely need service. Only if the TDS adjustment or readings are very inaccurate even after filter change, you may need


Having a water purifier with a built-in TDS controller has become highly important for Indian homes today considering the excessive TDS levels in supply water. It allows you to get clean water with an optimal mineral profile tailored for taste, scaling prevention and health. Kent Grand Plus is an excellent choice as the best overall water purifier with TDS control giving great performance, purification capacity and features. For budget buyers, Aquaguard Aura also offers decent quality at an affordable price point. Use our detailed buying guide to pick the right TDS controlled water purifier that meets your needs and budget. Investing in a good quality purifier with TDS regulator ensures your family enjoys healthier and tastier water always.

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