6 Best Brand for Oven Toaster Griller in India 2024

An oven toaster griller (OTG) is a versatile small appliance that has become a must-have for Indian households. OTGs can be used for baking, grilling, toasting, and more – helping save space compared to traditional ovens. With many brands offering OTG models, how do you determine the right brand for your needs?

In this comprehensive guide, I will cover:

Key factors to consider when selecting an OTG brand
Overview of top OTG brands in India
Detailed comparison between brands on performance, features and value
Buyer recommendations based on budget and usage needs
Tips for using and maintaining your best otg in India

Comparing Top 6 Brand for Oven Toaster Griller in India

The most popular digital oven toaster grill brands available in the Indian market include LG, Philips, Crompton, Wonderchef and Morphy Richards. Let’s see how they stack up across key oven toaster griller metrics:

I tested this LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2887BFUM) to evaluate its performance as an otg oven in India.You will find that this LG oven lives up to its multi-purpose promises with convection, grilling, microwave, and rotisserie functionalities packed neatly into its 28 litre capacity – a great fit. While searching for the Good OTG for home, I have found that bigger litre otg ovens often take up too much counter space without offering proportionately better cooking options.

LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2887BFUM) menu and settings

This digital oven toaster grill impressed me with 271 auto cook menus covering everything from soups to gujiyas to pizzas. You will see presets for Indian dishes like rotis and pakoras alongside options for baking, air frying, grilling, defrosting, reheating, and more. I loved that it came with an Indian Roti Basket for conveniently making different kinds of bread. The addition of special features like a child safety lock, milk pasteurization mode, and diet fry options make this reasonably-priced oven stand out from other models. Its sleek black compact body and smooth control panel further add to the appeal. While the grill tray could have been bigger for family-sized portions, it worked well enough for 2-3 people.

  • Versatile functions
  • 28L capacity
  • 271 auto menus
  • Safety features
  • Compact design
  • Small grill tray
  • Noisy fan
  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive

Philips is a well-known brand that has consistently delivered innovative and reliable appliances. This oven toaster griller can prepare many foods with its 25-litre capacity and 1500-watt power. 220–240 volts, 50/60 Hz. OPTI TEMP TECHNOLOGY provides uniform cooking on both sides and even-browning in bread and cakes without dark spots, giving you flawless results every time.

Philips HD6975 00 Digital Oven Toaster Grill

The oven toaster grill includes a one-touch 10 preset menu with pre-programmed time, temperature, and heating element selection for excellent results. Pizza, bake cake, roast chicken are the 10 modes. The 90-minute auto-cutoff preheat mode prepares the oven for optimal baking and frying.

Philips HD6975 00 Digital Oven Toaster Grill digital display

The oven toaster grill boasts a motorized rotisserie for optimal browning and a rust-free rod. The 600-hour heating components and double-glass door retain heat and safety. The oven toaster grill has multiple attachments, includes baking tray, grill rack, tong, crumb tray, and skewer rods. The chamber light lets you watch food cook. The timer ranges from 0 to 90 minutes with 1-minute intervals, while the temperature ranges from 65 to 230 degrees Celsius with 5-degree intervals.

  • Even heat distribution.
  • 10 preset menus.
  • Chamber light and inner lamp.
  • Digital Display.
  • Little noisy.

Morphy Richards is a reputable brand known for its quality kitchen appliances. Its 60-litre size and mirror-finish door will enhance your kitchen. This oven toaster griller is a countertop oven toaster that comes with a grill function. It is also equipped with a motorized rotisserie, convection function, and a crumb tray that allows for easy cleaning. It has a timer that can be set for up to 60 minutes which helps prevent food from getting burnt.

Morphy Richards Motorised Rotisserie otg attachments

The 2000-watt Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60 Litre Oven Toaster Griller operates at 210-250 volts. Its time bypass or Stay On function keeps food warm for up to two hours after cooking, preserving flavour and freshness. Convection, defrost, and a motorized rotisserie make this oven toaster griller adaptable for all your cooking requirements. For a fashionable, functional oven toaster combo, the Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60 Litre Oven Toaster Griller is a great choice.

  • Motorised rotisserie.
  • The stainless steel body and mirror finish door.
  • The 28-litre capacity.
  • Difficulty in cleaning the interior.

Wonderchef, founded by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, is known for its innovative and aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliances. The Wonderchef Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) Crimson Edge – 28Litres can bake cakes, grill chicken and vegetables and many more. It’s a countertop oven-toaster with grill function. Rotisserie and convection functions on the OTG allow you to cook delicious tandoori cuisine at home. Rotisserie and Convection functions let you grill meat, paneer, and more flawlessly. The OTG contains stainless steel heated components and 250 degree C temperature regulation.

Wonderchef Oven Toaster Griller Crimson Edge box

This OTG replaces an oven, toaster, and grill. It turns off automatically and rings a bell when cooking is done to prevent overcooking and save electricity.

Tempered glass protects the OTG window from 250° C heat. This OTG also has rotatory knobs with icons for air convection, temperature, heat direction (grill, bake, toast), and time.

Its rotisserie and convection modes, auto-power off mode, easy-to-clean interiors, heat-resistant glass window, and intuitive control functions set it apart from other 28 Litres.

  • The heat-resistant tempered glass door.
  • The multi-stage heat selection.
  • Auto-shutoff feature.
  • The 1600W power comsumes higher electricity.

Borosil is a well-established brand that excels in manufacturing glassware and kitchen appliances.

The Borosil Prima 48 Liters Oven Toaster & Grill can bake cakes, pizzas, pastas, grill vegetables, roast potatoes, poultry, paneer, and toast bread in huge amounts. Its 360° convection technique cooks food quickly and evenly. The motorized rotisserie grills food consistently. The rotisserie function and retractable rod with two handles help cook meats and veggies evenly. OTGs circulate hot air, ensuring dish consistency.

With its six-stage heating function and six heating combinations, the Prima OTG can efficiently execute all these functions. Adjust the temperature from 90°C to 230°C to fit your dish. The light inside lets you see your cuisine cook for perfect results. The adjustable temperature control, mechanical timer, and automated power indicator make Borosil Prima the most convenient OTG.

  • Large 42-litre capacity.
  • Motorised rotisserie and convection heating.
  • Six heating modes.
  • Lighter body.

Crompton is a well-known brand in the Indian market, offering budget-friendly and reliable kitchen appliances.

The adaptable and durable Crompton Tandoori Magic 25 Ltr Oven Toaster Grill is a good choice for families of 3 to 4 people. This countertop oven toaster grills, toasts, and bakes.

Top and bottom heat technique distinguishes this oven toaster grill. Dual heating elements on top and bottom ensure uniform cooking in the Crompton OTG series. The OTG’s high-speed convection fan distributes heat evenly for optimal cooking.

This oven toaster grill’s variable temperature and timer are also fantastic. With a 250-degree Celsius temperature range and a 60-minute auto shut-off timer with bell, you can cook a variety of dishes perfectly. The auto shut-off timer with bell alerts you when your meal is done, preventing overcooking.

The lit chamber lets you monitor cooking process. The chamber light lets you check on your food without opening the door.

The adaptable, durable, and easy-to-use Crompton Tandoori Magic 25 Ltr Oven Toaster Grill is a great oven toaster combo. Its wide temperature range and excellent heat dispersion make cooking easy.

  • 25-litre capacity.
  • Motorised rotisserie and convection.
  • Easy to use dials.
  • Auto shut-off mode.
  • No Digital display.

As we can see, each top brand has positives and negatives. Factors like capacity, heating technology, temperature control, and affordability vary across models. I’ll now see how to determine the best brand for your needs in the list of the best OTGs in India.

How OTGs Are Better Than Regular Ovens

The LG 28 Litre is far more versatile than a traditional oven toaster grill or even an electric oven. It can be used for baking, grilling, toasting, reheating and more. OTGs reach higher temperatures faster and are more energy efficient than convection microwave ovens. With smart features like auto cook menus an otg oven eliminates guesswork for cooking various dishes. Here are some key advantages that make OTGs a versatile appliance:

  • Bakes Better: Ovens with top and bottom heating modes such as liters oven toaster grillers bake more evenly than convection ovens. The inner chamber heats uniformly allowing you to bake cakes, cookies, casseroles etc perfectly.
  • Grills Better: The separate grilling function aided by a motorised rotisserie lets you make restaurant-style grilled veggies, paneer tikkas etc. A premium grill tray accessory may be included.
  • Saves Space: A 20-25 litre otg comes in a compact countertop size occupying much less space than a convection or microwave oven. It’s an ideal choice for small apartments and bachelors.
  • Energy Efficient: The best OTG oven in India, like the LG, utilizes less electricity than full-size ovens as they have a smaller chamber and optimized heating cycles. Newer models have eco and power-save modes to conserve energy when not cooking.

So whether you enjoy baking cakes, want to make piping hot parathas for a houseful of guests or love hosting barbeque parties, a good otg oven meets all these needs in a user-friendly package. Let’s now look at key factors for choosing the best OTG model for your needs and budget.

What Capacity OTG Should You Buy?

Capacity makes a major difference in what dishes you can cook and for how many people. Here are typical OTG sizes and capacities available in India:

  • Small 12-20L OTG: Perfect for bachelors, small families and light cooking needs. Can bake small cake tins, cookies, grilled sandwiches etc. Top brands like Philips, Bajaj, a known brand for best OTGs in India, and now Agaro with its Marvel 2024, offer good 12-20L digital oven toaster models.
  • Standard 20-32L OTG: This is the most popular capacity suitable for a family of 3-4 people. Lets you cook an assortment of Indian breads, whole chickens/fish, cakes and more. Our top recommendations like La Gourmandine Luxe Chef and Lifelong 20L digital otg are in this range.
  • Large 35-45L OTG: Choose this for a big joint family or people who love to entertain guests frequently. You can cook multiple dishes together – full size cakes, tandoori roasts, pizzas and more. Koryo 40L and American Micronic DX are best otg ovens with extra-large capacity.

We suggest a minimum 20 litre otg unless you will rarely use it or stay alone. This offers sufficient flexibility without occupying too much counter space.

Important Features in an OTG

Beyond just capacity you need to evaluate these key oven toaster features before deciding on a model:

Temperature Range and Control

Having adequate temperature range from low (100°C-150°C) to high (250°C-300°C) settings allows you to precisely cook various dishes – from gently warming milk to baking pizza. Reliable thermostats ensure actual inner chamber temperature matches the set level.

Durable Metal Heating Coils

Look for tubular stainless steel or durable nickel-chromium heating coils on the top and bottom. These distribute uniform heat for consistent cooking results and better durability than open coil wires.

Well-insulated Walls

Proper insulation minimises heat loss and energy wastage so more heat is transmitted to the food via convection. It also ensures the exteriors don’t get dangerously hot while using OTG.

Motorised Rotisserie for Grilling

The rotisserie spit rod gets powered by a motor to steadily rotate food items like whole chicken, paneer or mixed veggies for uniformed grilling. Premium models like La Gourmandine even allow you to adjust rotisserie speed.

Timer Functions

Handy features like delayed start, precise digital timers, auto shut-off and alert beeps eliminate guesswork and prevent over or undercooking food.

Energy Ratings

Higher BEE star ratings directly translate to higher electricity savings annually. Newer models with 5 star rating for OTG can conservatively save 1500 to 2000 ₹ per year on your electricity bills.

Types of OTGs Available in India

Let’s compare the common types of oven toaster grills and their relative pros and cons:

OTG TypeKey FeaturesBenefitsLimitations
Basic Manual OTG– Budget price <6000 ₹ Manual knob temperature/timer control Top + bottom coils– Highly affordable Good for basic usage, ideal for a beginning baker in the baking and grilling realm, ideal for a beginning baker in the baking and grilling realm– Limited features No preset menus
Digital OTG– Digital display panel Preheat, defrost modes Multiple accessories– Enhanced precision with 10 preset options offering more cooking options in a toaster griller– Higher price >7000 ₹
Convection OTG– Inbuilt fan for air frying 360° hot air circulation in the liters oven toaster griller– Crispy fries, roasts, faster reheating Evenly cooked food– Premium price >12000 ₹
Grill OTG– Extra heating coils/plates Adjustable grill racks Skewer rods for grilling– With Agaro, you can enjoy the excellent grilling experience of juicy kebabs and paneer tikkas.– Usually fewer baking modes
Built-in OTG– Installed in kitchen cabinet Slide-out interior rack Interior oven light– Saves countertop space Classy built-in look Better viewing– Fixed installation of an air fryer oven is very expensive >30000 ₹

While basic manual OTGs are highly affordable, they lag in consistency and features versus digital OTGs. Convection and grill OTGs are tailored for specific cooking tasks like air frying or grilling kebabs. Built-in OTGs lend modular kitchens a luxury makeover but cost a bomb.

Now let’s quickly run through tips to use and maintain your new appliance…

Pro Tips for Using Your liters oven toaster griller with ease of use

Follow these best practices once you install your Bajaj, Prestige or other OTG oven to maximize usability:

  • Season the oven on max temp for 30 mins to “burn off” residual factory smells
  • Use the wire rack for high heat applications like grilling
  • Choose bakeware like metal tins or oven-safe glassware
  • Let oven fully preheat before adding food
  • Keep checking cooking progress through the glass window
  • Allow appliances to fully cool prior to cleaning
  • Use a mild detergent and soft cloth for wiping down

Adhering to usage guidelines in your product manual is also advised for safe operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to some of the most common OTG buyer queries:

Q: What size OTG is best suited for a family of 3-4?
A: A 20 liter to 28L liter capacity OTG will work well for average family baking, grilling and toasting needs. The LG 28 L liter is an excellent medium-sized option.

Q: Which OTG brand has the best reputation for reliability? A: Philips and Prestige are well-established Indian OTG brands that offer better reliability than less mainstream options.

Q: Can I bake cakes, cookies, pizza etc in my OTG?
A: Yes, an For all baking purposes, the best OTG oven in India is the one to have. as it circulates hot air evenly around food. Just ensure to use recommended temperatures.

Still have additional questions? Let us know your thoughts on the best otg oven in India below!


OTGs have fast become indispensable appliances in Indian kitchens thanks to their space saving design and versatile functionality spanning baking, grilling and more. By weighing factors like pricing, durability, brand trust, capacity and heating design, finding the right OTG oven brand for your usage needs and budget becomes straightforward. We recommend considering Bajaj for budget buys, Philips for maximum capacity and Morphy Richards for best overall mid-range value when shopping among the top Indian OTG brands like Prestige. Follow our buying decision factors, usage tips and brand comparisons to determine which model serves your household best. Happy cooking with your ease of use OTG!


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